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KB Electronics New Inverters Program

 Here at All Drives and Controls we work hard to select only the best manufacturers to completely meet the needs of our customers.  That’s why we are happy to recommend KB Electronics products due to their high quality, customisable AC and DC motor drives that are produced according to customer specifications.

Designing and building motor drives since 1937, American based KB Electronics know a thing or two about developing specialised inverters; this experience has now led them to develop a new Hybrid AC Drive range and DC / DC motor speed control that incorporate new features to cater for a wider range of application requirements.

The New KBAC Series AC Inverter Range

Boasting the same practical features as other KBAC series, the new KBAC 217 models are designed to operate from a 230 Vac line and up to 5HP; and the new KBAC-416 range will operate from a 260 Vac line up to 5HP from an AC line input.

Additional features of the new digital hybrid AC drives with analogue interface include a selectable jumper to switch frequency from 8kHz to 12kHz and GFCI (RCD); this provides the user with helpful options to suit a range of applications that require operation at constant torque or variable torque.

The KBAC S-models (suffix) contain an installed On / Off AC line switch that is equipped with a mechanical interlock to prevent the drive cover from being opened. The switch also boasts a safety lockout feature that can be used along with a padlock for complete safety against the drive being switched on while equipment is serviced.

To finalise this impressive hybrid AC drive is KB Electronics rugged die-cast hinged cover, the NEMA 4x / IP65. The watertight design is ideal for applications within sensitive environments as it can withstand harsh cleaning, wash downs and outdoor use.

The NEMA 4X enclosure provides further safety and prevention from electrical shock by preventing accidental contact with components inside and liquid tight electrical fittings for complete peace of mind.

Other options for the KBAC range include:

  • Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch
  • Signal Isolator with Auto/Manual Switch
  • Run-Stop-Jog Switch
  • Class “A” RFI/EMI CE Approved Line Filter

The Recently Released KBBW Open Frame

Always looking for new ways of working, KB Electronics has developed a battery powered DC / DC low voltage motor speed control model – otherwise known as the KBBW Series.

This low voltage speed control motor provides excellent dynamic response to load variations, making it ideal for applications such as solar pumps, portable pumps, carts, hoists, electric boats, chemical feeders and light duty conveyors.

The incorporated pulse-width-modulated (PWM) DC / DC motor speed controls produce an almost pure DC current, contributing to a longer brush life and considerably low noise production, with the pulse-by-pulse current providing short circuit protection and control damage prevention. Along with the Plug-In Horsepower Resister® (sold separately) the need for recalibration of the IR compensation and current limit settings is eliminated.

Additional well thought-out features of the KBBW 12 and 24 Volt DC Motors include:

  • Quick-connect terminals for connections
  • Adjustable trimpots for application tailoring
  • Undervoltage protection that shuts down the drive when the voltage falls below specifications to prevent damage to the motor.
  • An inhibit circuit that can be used to stop and start the drive electronically
  • A5-kΩ potentiometer, 0-to 5-Vdc analogue signal or a PWM microprocessor output signal to control motor speed.

Obtaining Your NEW KB Electronics AC / DC Motor Drives

KB Electronics dedication to manufacturing drives that meet a variety of customer needs is clearly evident within the new releases of the KBAC and KBBW series.

To benefit from the reduced energy consumption that these variable speed drives provide and to witness the enhanced safety and extended device life of the KB Electronics product line, contact All Drives and Controls for expert advice and your required order specification.



New Version Nanotec® Motor Controller

Ever seeking improvements to meet the needs of their users in the industrial automation industry, Nanotec® have once again released a new and improved version for their Plug & Drive® family – the Nanotec® N5 Motor Controller for EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP. 

Ensuring that customers can now access a wider range of connectivity for their application requirements, the new N5 Motor Controller features EtherNet/IP interface for those seeking better interoperability and the popular Modbus/TCP fieldbus interface used in many industrial environments.

These new connectivity features, together with the existing CANopen and EtherCAT versions allow the Nanotec® family of motor controllers to be connected to a variety of higher-level control systems.

So now, you can rely on a Nanotec® N5 controller and field-orientated control (FOC) to achieve your required high-level control for both BLDC and stepper motors, for torque, speed and positioning; making the N5 a great option for automation applications within robotics and high volume industries.

Simple Programming for the N5 Controller

Complementing these new features is the new and improved programming software, Nano-J V2 which is available free for quick and convenient set-up.

Using this improved technology, time-critical subroutines can be executed, and transferred directly into the motor controller independently from fieldbus communication; helping reduce overall load on the fieldbus and keeping down required capacity.

The revised technology is therefore able to achieve real-time capability and a higher execution speed for your complex application.

Versions to Suit Every Application

The N5 controller is available in a low current version, designed for operating at 12-75V and a nominal current of 10A, as well as a high current version with an operating voltage from 12-48V, a nominal current of 10A and a peak current of 54A.

With useful features including six digital inputs, two analogue inputs, two digital outputs and an input for a 5V/24V encoder, you can be sure that there is a suitable version to match your needs.

Hall sensors and holding brakes are also available for that added reassurance.

So if you are in need of a motor controller that will ensure high-level control, reliability and the smooth, efficient operation of your automation system, then you can be sure that the Nanotec® N5 Motor Controller is designed to meet your specific requirements.

For more on Nanotec® products and support, visit our Nanotec® page or contact All Drives and Controls for ordering and advice on the right N5 version for your needs.


Nanotec® Stepper Motors – Powering the Cogs of Your Imagination

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.25.39

Are motors boring? Well we don’t think so, obviously.  But if when you think of motors all you visualise are washing machines, production lines or the circuit boards that you built at school then think again.

Mechatronics has advanced amazingly in recent times.  Think of the development of the printer. Originally only in black and white now we have full colour 3D printing and the endless possibilities that entails.  Advanced technology encasing some simple but very clever motors.

This mixing of the sciences with the arts is exactly what accelerates the advancements in technology – opening up new possibilities previously unimaginable.

A beautiful example of art meeting basic motor mechanics can be seen in the Corpus Clock at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.  This public work of art is a mechanical time piece employing the minds of engineers, sculptors and jewellers working with gold, silver and neon lights in its creation.  But what’s at the heart of it, winding the mechanism and making the whole time-piece possible? – A  electric motor.

Using Motors in Art

At the opposite end of the spectrum both decoratively and mechanically is Richard Downing’s Fractal Clock.  This stunning paradigm of minimalist design uses more than eighty motors to control the precise movements of suspended triangles of slate.  The triangles themselves orbit and therefore the visual appearance of the clock changes depending on the time and your viewpoint of the installation.  And it’s the Nanotec® stepper motor that makes it possible.


However the adaptability and ease of use of the Nanotec® stepper motor means that you don’t have to have a degree in mechanical engineering to use them.  Nanotec® stepper motors are now so accessible and competitively priced that they are playing an increasingly bigger part within traditionally artistic environments.

It is the simplicity and versatility of a perfectly engineered motor such as the Nanotec® stepper motor that makes it the perfect choice for an inconceivable amount of applications. 

The Nanotec® stepper motors are simple to use and are easy to digitally control even with control panels or computers.  They have few parts so are mechanically reliable.  Of all the different motor types stepper motors have the highest torque in the low speed range and have extremely precise positioning making them perfect for repeatable movements.

Artists, university enterprises and even schools are benefiting from the additional innovation opportunities that using stepper motors offers.  Whether you’re doing scenography, robotics or animation, setting up an art installation, set design or lighting imagine how much more engaging it would be if it moved!

If you feel at a loss as to where to start, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Firstly, the Nanotec® Company has the same creative ethos.  Their skilled employees focus their innovative abilities on research and advancing new developments to produce quality, competitively priced products.  Combine that with our dedicated, hands-on team at All Drives and Controls and you’ll be able to make your creative dreams a reality.

If you’d like to see just what level of support we give then take a closer look at the Fractal Clock mentioned earlier.  Yes, we helped with that.

So, just how creative can a stepper motor be?  We don’t know…yet.

Let your imagination run wild and let the creativity flow.  Challenge our team at All Drives and Controls and, with Nanotec® stepper motors, together we will make it happen.

Discuss your ideas with our friendly team here.



Delivering Superior Air-Handling with Dayton Grainger Components

To an employee working in a stuffy environment, especially an industrial facility, fresh air is one of life’s pleasures.

Take away the fresh air and it isn’t long before the company is on the phone to their Plant Managers and HVAC contacts, demanding a quick solution to repairing their inefficient air handling system.

With stagnant, humid air increasing airborne contaminants and causing uncomfortable working conditions with low productivity, HVAC Engineers are often not surprised to receive next day repair requests and advice on providing a temporary ventilation solution.

Reliable HVAC Products from Dayton Grainger

When considering the best solution for temporary (or permanent) spot cooling systems for employees working in areas with high risk air pollutants, efficient circulation is top priority.

For reliable industrial cooling fans from portable to large-scale, temporary or permanent, many engineers choose Dayton Grainger due to their wide range of high efficiency, variable speed air circulators that can even be used to cool brick kilns and industrial electrical apparatus.

Dayton Grainger cooling fans and air circulators are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries and produce air circulators that work to;

  • dissipate heat from equipment
  • remove large amounts of condensation
  • withstand wash downs from high-pressure cleaning
  • deliver high visibility
  • dual voltage motors for multiple applications
  • spark resistant

Durable and Tested HVAC Replacement Parts 

However when it comes to repairing the building’s air ventilation system, identifying replacement parts that are durable, effective and available for quick delivery can be difficult.

Thankfully, Dayton Grainger air-handling components and replacement parts supplied by All Drives and Controls are well known for their rigorous testing for dependability and can be delivered quickly for urgent ventilation system repairs.

With replacement parts including blowers, exhaust fans, fan blades, fan propellers, controls, roof ventilators, duct / tubeaxial fans and associated accessories, Dayton Grainger has a range of industry standard products that will ensure your air-handling system maximises efficiency and minimises energy costs.

Partner with All Drives and Controls for Air Handling Components 

Dayton Grainger has been providing high quality components since 1937 and as a trusted distributor, All Drives and Controls holds specialist knowledge and access to the full range of Dayton products; offering superior customer service and complete climate control solutions to your HVAC application requirements.

To order your Dayton air ventilation component you can provide the 5 digit alpha numeric Dayton code or contact All Drives and Controls for advice on your required replacement part or device.