From 3D Printing to Packaging

Nanotec Stepper Motors are Making it Happen

Precision, efficiency and reliability. Our expectations for technology and its capabilities continue to rise with every new development.

Just take the technological advances with robotics. Industrial packaging machines sort, wrap, seal and box hundreds of products per minute. 3D printers create precise components from air ducts to bio-printed ears. Increasingly complex parts are meticulously manufactured by CNC machines.

Yet behind these amazing developments hides a seemingly simplistic device that makes this precision and accuracy possible. The stepper motor.

Stepper motors, such as produced by innovative company Nanotec®, enable drive systems to carry out precise increments of movements down to fractions of degrees. Its robust design, affordable cost and low noise make it the ideal partner for a range of applications, especially 3D printing technology.

Simplified Design, Straightforward Solution

As experts in the field, All Drives and Controls recommend Nanotec® stepper motors due to their ability to meet customer and industry needs. These robust motors effortlessly stand up to high demand with accuracy and a reassuringly long life span.

The well considered features of Nanotec® stepper motors happily match up to professional expectations and a variety of applications. With the option to be designed with or without the need for an open loop, life is made a little easier by negating the need for external encoders and simplifying the completion of drive systems; ensuring straightforward and cost effective solutions.

Featuring a high power to weight ratio, as well as high torque at low and zero speeds, Nanotec® stepper motors require no external braking system and boast high dynamic response. Their capability for high position accuracy instantly provide a great match for semiconductor, optics and pharmaceutical applications.

Unsure of your stepper motor torque requirement? Don’t worry. All Drives and Controls are keen to support you by providing drive torque calculations both static and dynamic.

With a wide range of stepper motor options available, it is reassuring to know that All Drives and Controls expert services remove the concern from the selection process by providing quality technical and mechanical advice; as well as assistance to determine the correct electrical controls and ancillary equipment. 

Taking Control with a Complete Support Package

Controllability of the Nanotec® stepper motors has been well considered with easily programmable controllers for speed and position, including options to use an external time base if required. With the choice for the motors to be configured to work like a servo system, it seems all possibilities have been covered.

Clearly, Nanotec® stepper motors complement any system requiring high torque at low speeds. The benefits go beyond its expert features by providing confidence in its durability within a range of environments as well as its ability to boost efficiency and performance.

With so many options, sizes and power outputs available, it can be difficult to determine which stepper motor will appropriately suit your environment or even if you need a bespoke customer-specific design. There is an easier way.

Simply contact2 All Drives and Controls and receive accurate advice on specifications and environments…whether you are sending the motor subsea or to outer space!

With All Drives and Controls you not only get the chance to purchase your stepper motor at low cost, but gain access to a whole package of support; from specification writing to system programming.

So with a great support network at your finger tips you can be certain whatever your requirements for an effective stepper motor, All Drives and Controls can supply them quickly and affordably.

Simply complete the request form with your part number (if known) or if you would like to benefit from All Drives and Controls expert knowledge regarding stepper motor selection, replacement or advice – just add your query to the form and await great customer service.