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The water industry includes water engineering, operations, water and wastewater plant construction, equipment supply and specialist water treatment chemicals, among others.

The water industry is at the service of other industries, e.g. of the food sector which produces beverages such as bottled water.

Aqua Engineering Company’s goal is providing high quality manufacturing solutions. They manufacture and install solutions for drinking water purification and waste water treatment. They offer both custom solutions for new plants and retrofitting of older system, focusing on innovation and implementing the latest processes and best practices.

For example, they created a dosing application for water treatment; this system automatically doses the water with chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals kill any potentially dangerous microorganisms, ensuring that it is safe for use by people. The system also needed to be able to test the residual chlorine levels, as high concentrations of chlorine can also be harmful in their own right. Aqua Engineering Company wanted a PLC that could run these processes automatically with high reliability.

Aqua Engineering Company uses several Unitronics PLC+HMI units for these applications, including the Samba, Jazz and Vision430. The all-in-one design of the controllers makes them small and compact; they easily fit into the limited space available for a control panel. These PLCs also allow for continuous measurement of the water being treated and offer data logging and Trends to manage the data being collected. The integrated alarm management system triggers alarms if the residual chlorine levels are too high or any other problems occur. The PLC also communicates via a GPRS router, enabling SMS notifications about these alarms.

Supplied by Alldrives & Controls Ltd, Unitronics plays a vital part in the Aqua industry, and without it they would lose a lot of money and employee time. By using Unitronics products, Aqua companies are able to make sure that the right amount of chemical is released into the water supplier every time. There is no room for error in the water supply trade as the water is going out for human consumption could become contaminated leading to dire consequences for the supplier. An engineer was asked what he thought about automation products within the industry, and he said that “among all automation the devices I work with, Unitronics is my favorite. It always delivers more performance than I expect!”.

At Alldrives & Controls Ltd, we support the Aqua Industry by stocking Unitronics products. If you, just like Aqua Engineering Company, have no room for error in your business pop in today and see what we can we can offer you.

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