Analog Programming – Moderate

This webinar covers the basics of implementing analog I/O with Unitronics controllers.

· Types of Transducers
· Linearization
· Trends
· Meters

Download Vlp: analog



Questions /Answers

Q: Same programming format between M90 software and Visilogic when setting up thermocouples?

A: Yes, the same is true for both when using RTD or TC temp probes. The system will take care of convertign and represent them as degrees C or F with one decemial point of accuracy.

Q: the hmi screen you showed for the schematic view, lets say i have 6 DI, 6 DO, can the DI and DO be labeled for the end user to view for troubleshooting or support on a unit installed in the field.

A: Yes, its just an imported image of the wiring drawing. If you create this drawing for your particular system it can be imported.