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Synchronous motors for your 24/7 operations

As leading providers of automated drive and control solutions, we only use the best products, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. This means finding the products and suppliers which offer the highest quality, most energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions … Continue reading

What to look for in a Distributor for WEG Antriebe Motors (Germany)

Certain high-tech industries call for precision and high-quality materials and products to ensure their production line is running effectively and efficiently. WEG Antriebe is a key player in producing 40 W to 1100 W motors for many high-tech industries, such … Continue reading

KB Electronics New Inverters Program

 Here at All Drives and Controls we work hard to select only the best manufacturers to completely meet the needs of our customers.  That’s why we are happy to recommend KB Electronics products due to their high quality, customisable AC … Continue reading

New Version Nanotec® Motor Controller

Ever seeking improvements to meet the needs of their users in the industrial automation industry, Nanotec® have once again released a new and improved version for their Plug & Drive® family – the Nanotec® N5 Motor Controller for EtherNet/IP and … Continue reading

Delivering Superior Air-Handling with Dayton Grainger Components

To an employee working in a stuffy environment, especially an industrial facility, fresh air is one of life’s pleasures. Take away the fresh air and it isn’t long before the company is on the phone to their Plant Managers and … Continue reading

Ideally Suited Stepper Motors for UHV Applications

The ability to conduct precision research with experimental systems has advanced considerably since the introduction of vacuum technology. Now with the use of ultra high vacuum (UHV) technology, extremely low pressure environments can be created to remove interference from gas … Continue reading

Drive Efficiency with the Correct AC or DC Motor

Often hidden away, but still a major player in your motion control application, AC and DC drives are absolutely necessary for smooth speed-controlled operations. However, selecting an appropriate variable speed control AC or DC motor involves more than just the need … Continue reading

Stepper Motor Sensorless Control; What You Need to Know

So you’re in need of a motor for precise positioning. What would be your preference? Stepper motor or servomotor? Many smart engineers like yourself will agree, that the answer lies resolutely in the application requirements. For example, the compact stepper … Continue reading