CANBus + UniCan Communication

This webinar covers the basics of implementing CANbus + UniCAN with Unitronics controllers.

· CANbus networking
· PLC to PLC communication
· PLC to EX-RC1 communication (Remote Expansion I/O)
· Bridging RS-232 and CANbus networks

Downloads Vlp: can


Questions /Answers

Q: Do you recommend a separate power supply from the one used for the controller for the Can Network power?

A: Yes, we recommend a separate isolated power supply for the PLC and CAN cable network.

Q: How the jazz controllers can be related with a variety of controllers such as the V120, v130 using canbus

A: Jazz controllers are the only units we offer that do not support CAN. You will need to use at least the M91 or Vision series to utilize CAN w/o some type of converter.

Q: Can the UniCan be routed thru wireless modems?

A: If you have some converter that makes it transparent to the Unitronics controller, Yes.

Q: This kind of converters you mention, Unitronics can offer ?

A: Unitronics does not manufacture protocol converters. However there are many types of third party protocols converters available. Sometimes local distributors are knowledgeable and sell these. If you find one you believe sufficient, we can always verify for you.

Q: In EX-RC1 program, does it require to do hardware configuration?

A: You just need to select “EX-RC1” in hardware configuration if you are using digital modules.

Q: Then how does the program know rest of the module together with EX-RC1?

A: This factor is handled by the “Struct” function blocks. It takes into account the max possible digital I/O counts.

Q: ISC = Inter-Slave Connection?

A: Yes, that is correct. It is a proprietary Unitronics protocol.