Case Study: Improving Boiler Safety Management with the Unitronics® Vision1040

When it comes to the operation of industrial energy plants and package boilers, safety is paramount.

The safe management of industrial boiler plants that provide energy and heating, doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of the operators, but the suppliers of industrial energy plants and the products these suppliers choose to control and monitor safety aspects.

This was a key concern for package boiler supply and installers, Energy Plant Solutions (EPS), who wanted to improve machine safety of their high efficiency package boilers through automation.

Here’s how the support from automation control distributors contributed towards the improvement of EPS package boiler safety management.

Identifying Automation Solutions for Industrial Energy Plants

In order for EPS to provide a comprehensive service for installing industrial energy plants, they needed to be able to offer a safe, but cost-effective system for unattended boiler control.

To achieve this, they turned to a reputable distributor for advice on the right automation solution to suit the range of package boilers that they offered. This automation control solution would need to be advanced enough to control all necessary functions of the package boiler, including level control, feed pumps and pressure control.

The automation solution identified for their boiler control needs was the Unitronics® Vision1040.

The Unitronics® Vision1040 is a sleek, modern all-in-one PLC HMI with an integrated 10.4 inch colour touchscreen and separate function keys.  This large screen was ideal for their needs, providing ample room to ensure that the most vital data could be easily displayed. This of course was useful due to the high number of I/O points that needed to be added (digital and analogue) using I/O expansion modules.

Improved Boiler Safety Management with Vision1040 PLC 

Automated safety procedures were of strong interest to the package boiler suppliers. The control system of the Unitronics® Vision1040 provided important functions to help reduce risks, such as automatic burner shut down when certain alarms are triggered.

The Vision1040 also includes a GSM modem for SMS messaging, this advanced communication system works by sending out SMS messages to a list of operators; specifying the fault description so that the urgency of the response can be assessed. To avoid too many operators trying to resolve the issue at once, the PLC will prevent further messages sent to other operators once it receives an initial response to an SMS alert.

Another important safety feature that highlights the superiority of the Vision1040 PLC + HMI is the ability to maintain power to the PL and I/O in the event of a power failure. Although the boiler system uses 230VAC the 24VDC UPS (uninterruptible power supply) makes the system safer as there is no 230VAC present when the main power supply is disconnected.

Increasing Energy Plant Efficiency with Vision1040

In addition to the safety features of the Unitronics® Vision1040 PLC HMI, the automation control solution was also able to increase efficiency, saving time and cost for the clients of EPS.

The huge advantage of the Vision1040 is it’s monitoring functions that log data on the burner’s operation, actuator positions, fan speeds, flue gas residual oxygen, fuel valves states and fault details. The data is then stored to an SD card which can then be used for back up and quick recovery should there be an unlikely hardware failure.

As this data is stored locally, EPS are able to monitor through Modbus IP to SCADA software as well as Ethernet. This allows EPS to remotely access the Vision1040 PLC from the other end of the country at no cost financially, or in development time. By seeing the data which the operator also sees, EPS are able to offer support and assistance for problem solving.

Further time and cost saving benefits of the Unitronics® Vision1040 is the ability to simulate applications and run the PLC without I/O attachments. This allows EPS to conduct the majority of the tests before installation, saving time and effort involved with problem solving on site.  This is complimented by the Unitronics® VisiLogic™ software, which saves time by allowing a single environment for ladder logic, HMI design and communication configuration.

Automation Control Benefits for Your Application

With support of an approved Unitronics® distributor and the choice of the cost-effective Vision1040 for safety management, EPS were able to standardise their boiler control systems, reduce development time and improve efficiency.

To increase your competitive edge and impress clients with the right automation control systems just like EPS, contact your UK authorised Unitronics® distributor, All Drives and Controls. We are happy to supply you with a Vision1040 or provide expert advice on the right all-in-one PLC HMI for your application needs.


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