Case Study: Unitronics® Devices Meet the Challenge of Industry 4.0

The next stage of the industrial revolution is taking place.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is driving forward Industry 4.0 as never before, with increasing networks of smart devices, computers and sensors enabling a greater efficiency and data collection for the manufacturing sector.

Innovative manufacturing and automation companies across the UK are now striving to keep pace with new digital changes by making the transition to a ‘connected factory’ in order to create marketable advantages.

This of course raises a number of challenges for the manufacturing industry; but they aren’t without help. A client of All Drives and Controls, Powelectrics, is working to support businesses to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 by providing cutting edge solutions for the IIOT.

Powelectrics utilises a wealth of automation and process control system knowledge coupled with proved industry 4.0 deployments to provide the ideal resource for businesses looking to take advantage of the IIOT. With support of Powelectrics, the manufacturing sector are able to install the latest technologies and monitoring equipment to improve efficiency, reduce down time and stay ahead of their competitors.

Identifying Exceptional Devices and Suppliers

In order to supply aspiring Industry 4.0 companies with the necessary devices to achieve a smart and fully connected factory, it was necessary for Powelectrics to identify product ranges that demonstrated exceptional performance and suitability for a variety of applications.

Through careful analysis, evaluation and advice obtained via All Drives and Controls, Powelectrics determined that the Samba™ and Vision™ PLC + HMI families from Unitronics® proved to be highly suited for the task of transitioning many factories to become fully connected powerhouses.

Unitronics® products, in particular the Samba™ series and Vision350™ were selected by Powelectrics to facilitate data collection and manage operations due to a number of useful features; including a helpful user interface with touchscreen displays and built in HMI for ongoing operator use and local feedback during commissioning. Features that are essential for advanced machine-to-machine communication.


Making the Industry 4.0 Transition with Unitronics®

With purchase of superior Unitronics® products through their partner suppliers, All Drives and Controls, Powelectrics can now attest to the successful implementation of the Unitronics Samba™ and Vision™ ranges.

As companies exploit the benefits of Industry 4.0 internet connectivity, they make use of the Samba™ and V350 enabled GSM and WiFi that allows collected data to be sent to the Powelectrics ‘Metron View’ server.

This valuable feature enables users to view data securely through a web based interface (via computer, tablet or smartphone) to collect data and receive alarms; helping to access full stock visibility and better predict future actions for greater efficiency.

In some applications, Powelectrics have extended the data presentation capabilities, performing mathematical and logical functions in the data and creating customised dashboard and reports that support users to maximise the benefits of the data.

Creating Supportive Distributor Partnerships

With support from All Drives and Controls as UK suppliers for Unitronics®, Powelectrics can quickly access and provide the ideal Unitronics PLC + HMI device to suit the requirements of each client that is looking to improve system connectivity and data collection.

Projects that have benefited from this advantageous partnership and use of Unitronics® products include remote meter reading and temperature monitoring across a prestigious housing development; remotely monitoring packaging machines; remotely monitoring environmental parameters and battery voltage on trains.

When working towards the goal of a becoming a ‘connected factory’ that benefits from Industry 4.0 methods, it really does pay to collaborate with supportive partners and suppliers that possess the knowledge, skills, and products for success.

As authorised stockists for Unitronics® devices, including the Samba™ and Vision™ ranges, All Drives and Controls make an ideal partner and supplier, not just for fast delivery of Unitronics® devices, but also for expert technical support before and after purchase.

For advice on purchasing a Unitronics Samba™ or Vision™ HMI PLC to support your transition to Industry 4.0, contact All Drives and Controls today.