Case Study: Unitronics® Samba™ Boosts Printing Productivity

Running a complex automated production efficiently is challenging enough without the issues that arise from unplanned downtime and lengthy restarts.

Maximising efficiency is often one of the highest priorities for many production plants, and any improvements to streamline complex processes and minimise downtime is worth pursuing.

This was also the opinion of one particular labelling company who were seeking a solution to help control a multistep label printing process.

But which automation controls would allow them to increase productivity without a complete overhaul of their system?

Identifying the Ideal Automation Controls

As specialists in labelling products for unique identification and traceability purposes, the labelling company employs highly technical printing processes to produce and label items with ID codes.

Once the codes are marked on, an ID reader checks the codes are legible and stops production if a code cannot be read. Once the problem is addressed, production can be restarted.

To maintain high-speed production, minimise error, and enable fast restarts, the labelling company required a control system that could handle everything that the application needed to accomplish simply and effectively.

The solution came from a Unitronics® Samba™ PLC; these powerful but compact HMI PLCs are available through automation experts such as All Drives and Controls1 who are authorised stockists and long-standing Unitronics® partner.

Unitronics Samba™ Modernises Production

The Unitronics Samba™ 4.3 PLC + HMI proved to be an ideal solution for the labelling company.

With its onboard high-speed inputs, the all-in-one Unitronics Samba™ now enabled the company to catch fast trigger events from the photocell for optimal efficiency.

Able to print and check ID codes on the packaging, the Unitronics Samba™ not only provided a modern and simplified approach for the company, but with its specific easy integration design and straightforward programming software, this powerful PLC could now effortlessly control and streamline the entire system.

With an integrated 4.3inch colour-touch HMI, the control device was an instant success with production staff who found the Unitronics Samba™ display understandable and versatile enough to effectively operate and monitor all processes at a touch of a button.

Speaking about their new Unitronics Samba™ PLC HMI, the labelling company explained:

“Unitronics Samba was the ideal choice – easy programming, very nice, high resolution screen and great price and performance ratio.”

For this company, the Unitronics Samba™ provided the ultimate, all-in-one package to effectively manage complex processes, all from a simplified, easy to integrate control centre.

But is the all-in-one Unitronics Samba™ HMI PLC the right product for your particular application?

Selecting the Unitronics Samba for Your Application

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