Case Study Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI

Micro Tek Processes Ltd resolved their applicational problem by using a Unitronic’s V1040 PLC+HMI unit supplied and supported by Alldrives & Controls Limited.

MicroTek Processes Ltd a manufacturer of specialist UV treatment systems has upgraded their PLC requirements from the Vision 570 model to the touch screen Vision 1040 the upgrade has been applied to all the closed vessel UV systems the company manufacturers to give a consistent product offering and a universal PLC platform.

MicroTek Processes Ltd is a UK-based company specialising in ultraviolet disinfection solutions for a variety of industries including food, beverage, dairy and water treatment. One of the technologies that utilises the Vision 1040 PLC is their dairy treatment system for the disinfection of milk and milk products. The UV system using a combination of vessel design, mixing and high-powered UV lamp disinfects the milk without the drawback of applying heat like conventional pasteurisation technologies.

MicroTek wanted to implement a touch screen PLC control to the process as it allows an easy operator interface together with a visual indication of the system parameters and performance. The fully automated operation reduces the amount of user interface required and reduces the risk of user error in their treatment plants.

Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI

MicroTek have used the Vison range of PLC´s for over 6 years and have recently updated their systems to accommodate the Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI to handle their UV disinfection systems. This PLC has an integrated HMI with multiple screens flexibility and HMI graphics. The specific model MicroTek uses, Vision 1040, has onboard analogue and digital inputs, digital outputs, and a USB programming port; communication with the PLC can be by MODBUS, and the unit has an FB protocol utility for 3rd party device communications.

The Vision series PLC+HMI also had the best price to performance ratio compared to other PLCs that MicroTek considered as well as having the ability to add modules to communicate with “Other” manufacturers PLCs for integration into their clients PLC networks. Moreover, the Vision PLC is programmed using an “all-in-one” programming software package provided by Unitronics. Allan Slater MicroTeks CEO explains that this software is “easy to program, with a good number of useful features.” One feature that MicroTek found particularly valuable was the alarm management system, which allowed them to receive notifications if any alarms are triggered, as well as providing visual alarm information on the screen and log information about alarms that can be downloaded. These features help MicroTek with their goal to implement protection against user error and mistakes.

Case Study Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI
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Case Study Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI
Micro Tek Processes Ltd resolved their applicational problem by using a Unitronic’s V1040 PLC+HMI unit supplied and supported by Alldrives & Controls Limited
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