Case Study: Unitronics Vision™ Series Modernises Aging Automation Controls

It may have been 40 years old, but the customer was still happy with their automation equipment used for the processing and extrusion of monofilament plastic yarn.

The problem however, lay with the 40-year-old automation controls that no longer provided the customer with the efficiency and reliability needed for modern day production requirements.

A solution was urgently required, but which product would be able to provide the required state-of-the-art automation control that could benefit the age and condition of the existing monofilament extrusion line?

Finding the Ideal Automation Control System

Lacking knowledge of the most appropriate solution to the problem, the customer contacted an independent systems integrator to recommend a powerful retrofit industrial process automation control system.

The automation control system required however, didn’t just need to suit the completely automated monofilament extrusion equipment but it also needed to be easy-to-use, versatile and competitively priced.

The most appropriate automation controls that could match the customer requirements were soon identified within the Unitronics® Vision Range.

Making Advancements with Unitronics® Vision Range

In order to meet the particular requirements of the customer and extrusion line equipment, the automation controls chosen included 2 of the Vision1040™ model and 9 of the Vision560™.

These combined PLC HMI all-in-one units proved to be the best solution to replace the existing 40-year-old automation control system due to their highly convenient and time-saving capabilities.

With each Vision PLC +HMI assigned and retrofitted to individual machines, the customer could easily view each machine condition and switch from ‘remote’ to ‘local’ easily to ensure complete control and modification of the processes.

Additional benefits of choosing Unitronics® Vision PLC-HMI automation controls included:

  • A useful Ethernet (Modbus TCP / IP) communication port to allow for precision communication with variable speed controls
  • The ability to log data, control and download recipes easily for monofilament yarn product varieties.
  • Clear visuals and understandable graphics that are accessed via user friendly colour touchscreens
  • Robust units that can withstand the range of aggressive environments

Impressive Transformation to Modern Automation Control

With the Vision1040™ and Vision560™ PLC + HMI’s smoothly integrated into the existing extrusion line, the customer soon witnessed an impressive transformation in the speed, efficiency and productivity of the entire automation control system.

Now the customer can benefit from the reassurance of their existing equipment, but with a powerful, easy-to-use automation control system that is effortlessly integrated with a master SCADA system for excellent co-ordination of the overall production and management systems.

With each Vision control system assigned to separate machines, the customer can now seamlessly replace individual machines without disrupting the system process by simply switching the control system from remote to local.

Now with the numerous benefits of the versatile and cost-effective Vision™ all-in-one controllers, the customers’ extrusion process is sleeker, more efficient and highly controllable; leading the customer to remark “A few years ago I didn’t pay much attention to the Vision Series. I came to understand them. I wished I would have used them much earlier!”

Many clients for All Drives and Controls Ltd have also benefitted from the many advantages of the award winning Unitronics Vision™ series that are ideal for advanced machinery and automation processes.

If you are also in need of an automation control solution for your existing equipment or application, then All Drives and Controls can advise you on the best Unitronics Vision system for your specific requirements. Simply contact their helpful staff or to learn more about the complete Unitronics PLC + HMI click here.