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Engel 3 Phase synchronous Motors with Drives

3 Phase MotorAdvanced three phase synchronous servo motors and integrated drives for highest demands on power density, dynamics, and accuracy.
Engel three phase synchronous motors and integrated drives, are avaliable in the UK from Alldrives & Controls.
The High dynamics, create perfect response characteristics,
With low mass moment of inertia and continuous torque development,
matched with high efficiencies, and high power densities.
Use of high-quality samarium-cobalt and neodymium materials enables a
Versatile and flexible configuration.
The series are supplemented by gears and parking brakes.


Neodymium-iron-boron magnet systems in smooth aluminium cast housings ensure high power density
and low reluctance effects. Four series offer rated outputs from 130 W to 3800 W.
Up to 360 Nm are possible by using the corresponding planetary gears (low-backlash available upon request).

BSR Technical Data: BSR series three phase synchronous motors download


Lowest mass moments of inertia and very high dynamic overload capacity through the use of
high-quality samarium-cobalt magnet materials.
With peak torques of up to 20 Nm, they are perfectly suited for nut runner and press applications.

BSM Technical Data:

bsm series three phase synchronous motors data sheet


3 Phase Motor HLRThe new powerful series with highest efficiencies. Excellent control properties due to a smooth torque development,
and lowest cogging effects. Four motor sizes comprising a power range of up to 3kW.
Planetary gears – backlash as well – provides torque up to 360Nm.


HLR Technical Data: hlr_series_three_phase_synchronous_motors


Three phase synchronous drives with integrated electronics.
Compact and powerful devices with excellent dynamic behaviour.

With CAN interface and positioning capabilities suited for peripheral operation.

HLI Technical Data: integrated_three_phase_synchronous_drives_hli_2660

3 Phase Motor HBI
New generation of integrated three phase synchronous drives.
Compact, powerful, versatile and easy to operate.Advanced servo motors and integrated drives for highest demands on power density, dynamics,
and accuracy.

HBI Technical Data: integrated_three_phase_synchronous_drives_hbi