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Engel DC Motors.

ENGEL offers a broad spectrum of high-quality DC motors with brush gear. Engel DC Motors are available with or without gears; but always with proven quality.

Engel DC motorsHigh efficiencies, with high peak load through the use of premium ferrite materials and optimized magnetic systems.
Engel DC Motors offer high-quality design, steel tube housing, and externally accessible brushes.
Versatile compatibility with a comprehensive gear ratio range, parking brakes, tachometers and incremental encoder options are available. If it is not in the range then visit the Engel Special solutions option.
The complete range of Engel DC motors is available from Alldrives & Controls.

GNM DC MotorPermanent-field DC motors in a rated power range from 10 W to 750 W. Available with mounting options for parking brake, incremental encoder, worm, planetary and spur gears with torques up to 130 Nm.
GNM Technical Data PDF: gnm_series_dc



Electrically excited DC motors for special applications up to 65W rated output. Gear versions with worm and spur gears.GNHM Motor Engel

GNHM Technical Data: PDF gnhm_series_dc