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Engel Special Solutions

Engel customized designs are part of our core competency – we can implement your drive even for low quantities!

Engel Special solutions – we implement your drive!

Starting with minor changes to the mounting flange or output shaft up to exclusive customer-specific motor systems with separate housing and special gears, we implement everything that represents a benefit to the product of our customers.

Alldrives & Controls has the technical experience to assist in the development of an Engel special solution.

A selection of implemented applications is provided below:
Wheelchair travel drive:

Engel Wheelchair Special MotorA powerful wheel hub drive based on our GNM80 DC motors.
The output of the high step-down spur stage was used as a direct drive to the wheel.
The challenge for this drive consisted of overcoming high operating forces and torques in the everyday
use of the wheelchair.
For the unusual traction application, golf cart or Golf buggy, contact Alldrives & Controls
to see how cost effective a bespoke drive can be.


Nut-runner technology:

NutrunnerEngel Nut Runner MotorMotors of BSM design are primarily used in the area of nut runner technology.
The slim design is perfect for implementing high dynamic systems, while the typical round design allows for a
high packing density and enables the Engel BSM design to be used effectively under extreme space limitations.
ENGEL has the knowledge to match the speed and torque characteristics of the systems,
to that demanded by the customers.

Drive system for handheld tool:

Engel Hand Tool Drive SystemA hand held tool gear drive that is based on the standard products BSR3750 and GP56.
To save weight, the die-cast housing of the motor was omitted in this design.
The gear was designed with a polygon internal gearing according to DIN32711.
A customised digital converter operates the motor using the sensor-less “INFORM” drive control
developed by Prof. Manfred Schrödl, University of Vienna.

Steering drive for transport system:

Engel DC Transport steering drive motorA DC motor drive used as an actuator in a transport vehicle.
An extremely robust gear that directly gears into an open control loop was implemented on the output side.
To safely determine the steering angle, a redundant contactless measuring system was developed that
detects the angle of rotation of the motor on the collector side.

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