Ethernet Communication

Ethernet – Learn the basics of setting up an Ethernet connection to communicate to and program the controller. Learn about the setup and configuration of the card, and the sockets. Learn how to use the remote management tool “Remote Operator” to bring up the screen of the PLC on the PC over the network. Take a quick look at Modbus IP and see how to communicate between two controllers.

Downloads Vlp: ethernet



Questions /Answers

Q: In Card Init, can Gateway be This is the case with other PLCs I have worked with.
A: That address ( is most common for a “Class C” Subnet Mask. But you would have to verify with a network administrator to be certain.

Q: if you set up multiple sockets to html, can you have more than one person looking at the vision hosted webpage at the same time?
A: web browsers default to communications on port 80, therefore the PLC must have a socket defined for this specific port when using HTML.

Q: is all the same for the 1040?
A: same for all Ethernet enabled controllers