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History of Alldrives and Controls

History of Alldrives and controls.

The recession may officially be over, but the tough times are still with all of us.

With record government borrowing, and cuts in public spending and slow growth, you would think this was not a good time to start a new business.

If we said AllDrives & controls started in April 2009 the height of the recession, it may seem even more surprising.

In April 2009, with companies failing at an increasing rate, the founders of Alldrives & Controls where in this position with the liquidation of Powertronic and Sensortronic.

Having had a good working relationship with each other, a deep understanding of the UK market, and more importantly, good working relationships with the suppliers of Powertronic and Sensortronic, Alldrives & Controls was set up in the dark days of April 2 2009 with the intention of becoming your one stop shop for all your automation needs, and company motto “driving to the future” with Alldrives & Controls.

The business plan for AllDrives & Controls contained the remit to provide green and energy efficient solutions. Not a marking ploy, but a real objective based on the forthcoming European Harmonised International Efficiency (IE) standard directive IEC 60034-30:2009, that imposes a mandatory minimum efficiency for electric motors in the range 0.75Kw to 375Kw, so that AllDrives & Controls would become the focus for energy efficient motors and drives in the two year before the start of the rolling implementation commencing 16 June 2011 and beyond.

In addition, the business model adopted was, pay the suppliers on time and provide excellent service to all customers regardless of the size. As the majority of our franchises are European based, we took advantage of the discount for early payment, and made the same offer to our customers to maintain the life blood of all companies, the cash flow.

This model is working well with our suppliers, and some of our customers do take advantage of the early payment discount, that we believe should be adopted in the UK.

It is said most companies started in a recession fail in the first year, and Charles Darwin survival of the fittest is a term often started as a reason the company continues in business, but Darwin was a thinker and his statement has a deep understanding of all the obstacles and challenges facing the flora and fauna to survive, grow, and ultimately pass the genes onto the next generation.

Alldrives & Controls base our continuation on continual adaptability and reaction the market needs and challenges.

From the first franchise in 2009,  Engel, Alldrives & Controls now represents nine major companies, all specialised suppliers, in the UK, and have strong relationships with numbers other suppliers working with synergy in the Automation, drives and controls field, energy efficient and environmentally challenging areas. If you work in the cryogenic, vacuum, space, radiation, explosive, or high temperature arenas, we can help with drive systems that work. We may be doing something’s wrong, but the majority are right, as we have been approached by significant suppliers requesting Alldrives & Controls to represent them in the UK.

AllDrives & controls now represent, Engel and WEG for Geared Motors, brushless DC, 3 phase synchronous drives, Magnetic for DC Tachos, DC Motors, PM Motors for wind turbines, AC servo motors. Nanotec stepper .BLDC/slot less motors and drives, Dayton motors and drives USA, KB Electronics for DC/AC invertors motor controllers, Invertors, Amtech Multi axis stepper and servo controller and software, Kaleja DC controllers and relays, Empire Magnetic,  ATEX motors, gearboxes, LVDT and accelerometers, and are in discussions with other manufactures to add to our portfolio of Automation, drives and controls. We now have our own range of Industrial encoders to compliment the DC tacho range, so we can now be your one stop shop for all your automation products

And for the future we are driving too, we do not know, but it will be fun finding out?