Big Updates in new versions of VisiLogic and UniLogic

In their commitment to excellence, industry award winners, Unitronics® never stop improving and have now released not one but two versions of software available as free downloads.

VisiLogic 9.8.0

The VisiLogic 9.8.0 now supports the brand new Unitronics® Vision700™ controller which has been designed to give you a more beautiful and time-saving programming solution.

The new Vision700™ gives you the same high-level functionality that comes with the Vision Family but has enhanced connectivity meet your application requirements and a sleek 7” touch-screen format for ease of use.

The Vision700™ controller has an RS232 and RS485 port, a USB programming port and a built in eight socket Ethernet port. If required you also have the option to install two additional COM ports.

Improvements for Samba™43 and Samba™7

Expanded Memory

If you have the Unitronics Samba™ Series installed then the new version of VisiLogic will improve productivity for you too. The most recent versions of VisiLogic (v9.7.74 onwards) include boot, operating system and firmware that works to almost double your memory capacity.

Please note:

  • If you are running firmware previous to OS 4.1.15 and Boot 2.2.41, VisiLogic will request you update the firmware. This will delete the application in the controller.
  • The firmware update does include both boot and operating system; however boot files can only be downloaded via a serial connection.
  • Make sure you include OS 4.1.15 and Boot 2.2.41 when using UniDownload Designer.

Virtual Keypads

Good looks are not just limited to the new Vision700™ display as a new and improved numeric or alpha-numeric virtual keyboard is supported by this newly released VisiLogic 9.8.0; giving your Samba43™ or Vision430™ an elegant keyboard display.

Please note:

  • Downloading an application to a SM43 or V430 that is running an operating system previous to 4.1.15, VisiLogic will request you update the firmware. After the OS is updated and the application downloaded from VisiLogic 9.974 (and up) the controller will display the new key boards.

Increased Flexibility with 3G Connectivity

Limited access areas need no longer be a problem as Samba and Vision controllers now support the newly released CinterionEHS6T 3G Modem3.

Please note:

  • The modem must be running firmware version 03.001
  • From this version of VisiLogic 9.8.0, the function block PLC DataCom is no longer supported.

UniLogic 1.15.70

The all-in-one software programme that already halved your application development time has just got better.

Download updated change notice: Unilogic Change note 15 Oct 2015

A First for Unitronics, you can now write in “C” Script functions in Unilogic, although in Beta at this point of time, who knows where this will lead, full script programming or more?


This major new release increases your control power with new hardware that gives you even faster project completion with the Unistream start-up time reduced by 20-25%. 

Additional features within the new software will greatly broaden the potential of your application.


UniLogic 1.15.70 now supports two newly released Input/Output modules

  • ‘Wide I/O Series’ (UISWCB1 Also known as the ‘Combo-Module’)

Comprising two temperature inputs, two analog inputs and outputs and ten digital inputs and outputs including high-speed.

  • Standard Input/Output Series (UIA-000)

With six analog inputs.

In addition, the new UniLogic software gives the existing USD-0808THS high-speed module increased options for pulse width modulation controls making exact PWM target settings effortless and straight forward.


UniLogic 1.15.70 now allows you to write C function (beta) directly into the UniLogic Editor to be used and re-used, imported and exported and called just like standard ladder functions.

If you’re not writing your own functions, UniLogic 1.15.70 makes copying or moving files from an existing SD card or USB stick possible.


As if all of that wasn’t enough the software engineers have taken the time to perfect existing features. Higher levels of password protection and expanded alarm features allow stricter adherence to safety and security standards and many, many more personalised edit features have been upgraded.

To take a closer look you can read the full version changes documents Downloads Here.

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