Improving Extrusion Equipment Control with UniStream™

Identifying the right automation control for plastic extrusion machinery isn’t just about optimising production, but achieving additional benefits, such as cost reductions, minimised downtimes and improved reliability for extrusion equipment with high output capabilities.

That’s why a manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery recently made the decision to stay with Unitronics® for their automation control, choosing in particular the UniStream™ modularRecognising that blown extruders are often used in production lines, laboratories and in research and development, it was essential for the manufacturers to assure potential customers that their plastic extrusion equipment came with exceptional control, precision monitoring and easy-to-use functionalities; features that were available through Unitronics’ UniStream all-in-one PLC + HMI.

Why Choose UniStream™ for Plastic Extrusion Control?

For the manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery, choosing Unitronics® was the right choice for control due to the valuable features available with the UniStream series. With 20 years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry, these manufacturers had tested out other control systems, but had always come back to Unitronics®, settling on the UniStream™ all-in-one modular PLC+HMI as their preferred choice

And the reason?

The UniStream™ automation control meets customer need. Offering a flexible, modular and expandable control platform, the UniStream™ touch panel PLC HMIs used by the plastic extrusion equipment manufacturers, allow for a variety of I/O modules which simply snap on to the back of the HMI, along with powerful dual CPUs.

The control and safety features of UniStream™ include a useful alarm management system which can alert users to any errors, or problems that arise in real time before they escalate, causing downtime and loss.

The UniStream’s PID can also be used to maintain the temperature of the plastic extrusion equipment at the optimal range. In addition, the free UniLogic™ software for UniStream™ delivers a single programming environment that enables plastic extrusion manufacturers to write ladder logic, configure communications and design HMI screens all without having to switch between programs.

The clear technical and aesthetic advantage of the UniStream™ makes it a powerful control option, while the attractive integrated touchscreen HMI makes operating the plastic extrusion machines intuitive and straight-forward through use of audio, video PDF and VNC viewers.

UniStream™ for Plastic Extrusion Equipment Manufacturing

For these manufacturers of plastic extrusion equipment, the Unitronics® UniStream™ modular PLC and UniLogic™ software was the best choice for accommodating a large variety of customer requirements.  With its easy-to-use interface, precise temperature control and responsive alarm system, UniStream™ was able to improve the functionality and reliability of the extrusion equipment; all whilst keeping user experience at one of the best in the market.

So, the question is, could UniStream™ be the right PLC HMI automation control for your extrusion equipment?

To learn more about UniStream™, visit our Unitronics® web page1, or for expert advice, contact your UK approved stockist and distributor, All Drives and Controls here2.