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Kaleja Elektronik GmBH

Durable DC Motor controllers


As one of the oldest and best understood motor technologies, DC motors are still considered a useful, reliable purchase for constant-torque applications.

For many automated application requirements, DC motors are considered an ideal solution for ensuring constant speed even with load changes, better at energy saving and of course, many OEMs find it easier and more cost effective to replace one failed DC motor, then modify the whole system to work with AC inverters.

However if you’re finding that your current  DC motor is wearing prematurely or struggling to control loads effectively, it may be worth choosing a DC motor controller manufacturer that excels in durable, reliable DC motor control that deliver exceptional value for money.

Choosing Kaleja for your DC range

As an international leading manufacturer for DC , controls and interface technology since 1988, Kaleja Elektronik GmBH have used a customer-led approach to produce affordable and effective DC controls in-house.

By listening to customer feedback, Kaleja can then implement new suggestions and designs through their in-house manufacturing to produce DC motor controllers that meet the high standards that their loyal customers have come to expect.

Kaleja have formed a trusted partnership with All Drives and Controls to supply and distribute some of their most popular products including:

Kaleja Controller range EC

This durable electronically commutated motor control for brushless DC motors includes a 120° hall sensor arrangement. The DC motor is powered for rotation reversal with speed control, current monitoring and dynamic brake.

  • Motor voltages: 12VDC / 24VDC / 28 VDC
  • Motor current: 6A to 10A

Kaleja Controller range DC

The DC brush motor controller can be provided with an optional current monitoring unit (lxR control, which controls load variations on the motor by compensating the speed through gangling. Single or reverse direction control and dynamic braking. (motor winding stops at GND).

  • Motor voltages: 12VDC to 60VDC
  • Motor current: 3.5A to 6A.

Kaleja Electronic Load Relay DC

Providing valuable protection, this DC relay provides electronic load shedding with integrated suppressor circuit and electrical isolation between input and output circuits. Being specially suited for inductive loads, the electronic load relay DC has a compact width of 6mm and clip-on design for DIN rail.

  • Switching voltage: 5VDC to 53VDC
  • Switching current: 5A

Kaleja Transfer Module

Available with male and female connectors including interlocking clamps, the Kaleja transfer modules can snap on to DIN rail.

  • Current carrying capacity each contact: 1A  to 2.5A.
  • Model: 10poles to 50poles

Kaleja Voltage Transducer

For accurate current monitoring and overload prevention, Kaleja Voltage Transducers work effectively with AC/DC or DC/DC. Possessing input circuit with rectifier and filter capacitor.

Output voltage: 5VDC to 24VDC

Kaleja Diode Module

For use with general DC power suppression equipment, Kaleja effective diode modules include single soldering pins at screw terminal and clip-on design for DIN.

  • Soldering pins: Diodes maximum capacity to 8A
  • Type: 12 soldering pins (6 diodes) and 24 (12 Diodes) soldering pins.

To experience the robust manufacturing and quality of these German engineered DC motor controllers, load relays, power supplies and technology from Kaleja – simply contact your expert team at All Drives and Controls for professional advice and fast delivery of your ideal Kaleja product to anywhere within the UK.