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KB Electronics

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KB Electronics, Inc.

K B Electronics provide variable speed control for AC, DC, Brushless, PSC, Shaded Pole, Universal, PMSM and EC motors, from sub-fractional through 5 horsepower. 115, 208/230, 400/460 VAC-50/60 Hz 1ø and 3ø input.Manufactures and holds inventories over 200 different models of off the shelf Variable Frequency Digital and Hybrid AC Drives (AC Inverters), Variable Speed DC Motor Controls, Brushless DC Drives, Battery DC to DC Controls and Triac Fan Controls.

AC Drives and Inverters

ACKB Electronics is an industry leader when it comes to providing Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box” Customized drives.

Alldrives & Controls , as a stocking agent for KB Electronics, can help in your selection and provide a technical and cost effect solution to your drive and control requirements, or use the handy “Build-A-Drive” selection drive.

Linking with our other agencies who supply DC and AC motors, a complete and compliant drive system from one technically knowledgeable supplier,  can be realised.

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