Valuable Uni-I/O™ Modules for Unistream™

Looking to expand your Unitronics Unistream™ system?

Then you will want to consider Unitronics® brand new additions to the Uni-I/O™ family; the UIS-WCB1 and the UIA-0006.

EXF-RC15 (2)

These new input / output modules snap-on to the back of any Unistream™ HMI panel to allow for a straightforward solution to expand your Unistream™ system into a comprehensive all-in-one programmable logic controller.

The launch of these new I/O modules provide a great space-saving solution for automation system applications through their additional I/O points.

UIS-WCB1 Uni-I/O™ Module

The introduction of the new UIS-WCB1 Uni-I/O™ Module is of particular interest with its generous 10 digital input points and 8 relay outputs, available due to being 1.5 times as wide as standard Uni-I/O modules.

Additional features of the UIS-WCB1 include:

  • 4 of the 10 digital inputs can support 2 high speed counter channels
  • 2 inputs can be used for analog inputs (0-10v, 0-20mA, 14 bit)
  • Another 2 points can be used for temperature inputs (RTD / TS)
  • 2 of the outputs are available as transistor outputs
  • A further 2 provide analog outputs

Clearly Unitronics® are looking to offer OEMs and system integrators the best solution to their diverse system requirements and here at All Drives and Controls we are happy to provide you with further details on the UIS-WCB1 and support your queries around suitability for your application needs.

UIA-0006 Uni-I/O™ module

However, not to be left out is the new UIA-0006 module that Unitronics® have provided as a convenient and affordable way to incorporate additional analog outputs for field devices.

Slimmer than the UIS-WCB1, the UIA-0006 provides a significant 6 analog outputs as a helpful snap-on to the back of your Unistream™ HMI panel or connection via a DIN rail [for more details on the UIA-0006 module view our product page].

With these extra point options available to expand your Unistream™  all-in-one system you can be confident that your system will soon be running at full productivity and managed efficiently.

For further information on any of the new Uni-I/O™ modules of the UIS-WCB1 or UIA-0006, visit our product pages or contact us for specific questions and to order your new I/O module.