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Magnetic Asynchronous Vectorial Servomotors

Asynchronos vectorial servo 1

Magnetic Asynchronous motors have been specially engineered to for state of the art high performance flux vector type variable speed controllers.The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design, with dimensions are similar to the equivalent Dc motor of the same power, enables operation in constant power mode at maximum speeds up to 8000 RPM.

High efficiency stator cooling utilising an auxiliary fan combines with the benefits of a reduced size and high continuous low speed torque capability.

Asynchronos vectorial servo 2

Designed for operation.

Magnetic asynchronous motors are manufactured to CEI EN 60034-1 and comply with IEC 34-1.ith state of the art Electronic drives systems, the high conductivity copper used for the double vacuum impregnated windings in the Magnetic range of asynchronous motors,  are coated with a special proprietary enamel for application operating with high dv/dt and voltage peaks and is available in Class F and class H thermal ratings.

Thermal protection and mechanical options are available on consultation.

The Compleat range of Magnetic asynchronous motors are available from the UK franchised stocking distributor Alldrives & Controls.

The catalogue specifications for the MA range of Magnetic asynchronous motors available from Alldrives & Controls is here:magnetic_asynchronous_motors_ma_range