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Magnetic Brushless Servomotors

Magnetic servo brushlessMagnetic brushless servo motors with permanent magnets are designed to meet the ever increasing technical demands placed on drive systems for high efficiency automation systems.

High performance linked with low maintenance, and ultra reliable are now the norm for Magnetic brushless servomotors.

Designed to capture the maximum usable magnetic energy, rare earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnets and advanced technical solutions, make the Magnetic TOP series dynamic servomotor a world leader in ultra- high torque to inertia ratio requierments in present day food and packaging automation.

Brushless servo motors

The same technology is applied to the general purpose Magnetic BLQ series servomotor, enabling optimisation of the range of servomotors used in a complete production line without any compromise.

The Compleat range of Magnetic brushless servomotors is available from the UK franchised stocking distributor Alldrives & Controls.

The catalogue for the Magnetic brushless servomotors, available from Alldrives & Controls, is here: dc_brushless_servomotors_blqand_top