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Magnetic DC Motors

Magnetic dc motorsMagnetic MM series DC motors are laminated square stator design motors with very high power/size ratio. The available output power ranges from 1 KW to 150 KW at 2300 RPM.

Versions with compensating windings are available for constant power in variable speed applications.

The Magnetic MM range is solid, compact shape and excellent power to size ratio, and is one of the highest available on the market, with size from 80 to 200 shaft height.

Armature windings from MM160 up to 570 VDC. Forced cooling with radial or axial fan, further constructions according to IEC 34.6 and special executions with emergency electromagnetic brake are available.

The Compleat range of Magnetic MM range of DC motors is available from the UK franchised stocking distributor Alldrives & Controls.

The catalogue for the Magnetic MM range of DC motors, available from Alldrives & Controls, is here:dc_motors_mm_series