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Magnetic Digital Convertors

Magnetic controllers

The Magnetic Digital convertor drives utilise IGBT technology, PWM control with full digital regulation. The magnetic Digi Comb series are controlled by a 32 bit RISC processing system with SMT technology for AC brushless permanent magnet servo motors with resolver feedback or TTL encoder to a maximum frequency of 500 KHz.

Nominal current from the Digi Comb range is 1.5 A to 30 A RMS with peak capabilities of 3 A to 60 A RMS respectively.

With built in soft start, panel and remote control via RS232 or RS 485 communication protocol, enables all parameter to be set and controlled.

In addition to the standard  control features, Optional controls utilising, Can Buss, Profibus and Field bus, convertor software for CN application with a larger speed loop bandwidth are available.

For your Dc motor control, the MGX Stand-alone” format with power mosfets (Mini MGX) or transistors (MGX) is design for this application.

Integral power supplies and recovery circuit for full 4 quadrant applications and connections to the mains with transformers. Application specific calibrations are carried out with a user selectable components and potentiometers mounted on a quickly detachable “personality card”.

The Compleat range of Magnetic Digi Comb and DC controllers is available from the UK franchised stocking distributor Alldrives & Controls.

The catalogue for the Magnetic DC controllers available from
Alldrives & Controls are here: dc_servo_motor_drives_mgx

The short form specifications for the Magnetic Digi Comb controllers available from Alldrives & Controls are here: magnetic_digi_comb_controller_range

or the full catalogue here: digi_comb_range