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Nanotec BLDC Motors

Nanotec® offers even Broader Application Range with New BLDC Motors

BLDC Motors Nanotec

When nothing but a smooth operating motion and long service life will do for your application and device needs, then you will be pleased to discover that Nanotec®, a market leader in drive solutions, has released two new brushless DC motors for an even broader application range.

The two new BLDC motors already include the higher efficiency, power density and heat dissipation features that are characteristic of Nanotec® motors, but now they have been developed to suit mid-range speed applications at surprisingly affordable prices.

DB41 Motor:

The 10-pole DB41 BLDC motor possesses a higher torque and a low nominal speed that makes it especially suitable for mid-range speed applications up to 3000 rpm.

Equipped with bonded magnets and hall sensors that are offset by 120 degrees, the DB41 BLDC motor is able to report back the rotor position for complete control and knowledge of the motor sequence and performance.

The peak output for this NEMA 17 motor ranges from 66W to 339W with its nominal torque from 0.07 to 0.36 Nm.

DB43 Motor:

The DB43 BLDC motor is a high performance model with 6 poles and sintered magnets for greater strength and reliability. Despite being the same length as the DB41 at 42mm, the DB43 BLDC motor is able to provide 30% more power output.

Available with optional extras such as hall sensors, a magnetic encoder and safety brake, this BLDC motor can match a broad range of application requirements.

The DB43 has a peak output of 159 to 414W and a nominal torque of 0.17 to 0.44 Nm with operating voltages ranging from 24V to 48V.

With the release of these new BLDC motors, Nanotec® is now able to offer not one, but three families of same size motors that suit all cost-sensitive applications and can cater for a broad spectrum of requirements.

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