Nanotec DB59 – NEMA (23)-compatible

Cannock January 27, 2015 – Nanotec Germany, represented in the UK and Ireland by Alldrives & Controls is happy to announce the Nanotec range of high performance Stepper Motors, Brushless motors and drives, is growing.

DB59_NME1_kombiModern applications require high speeds, high torque, small size and flexible fitting. To meet this challenge, Nanotec has developed the DB59 brushless DC motor which covers a performance range from 84 to 220 Watts, and is among the most powerful BLDC motors of this size.

The DB59 motors are available with a square, NEMA (23)-compatible or round flange, measuring 56 mm in diameter, increasing the mounting flexibility of the range, the round flange allows high-torque planetary gears from Nanotec’s GPLL-59 series to be fitted, further increasing the motor’s torque.

The DB59 is available in a variety of power ratings, with or without Hall sensors. As an option, a magnetic encoder with a resolution of 0.09° for more precise speed and position regulation can be fitted.

The DB59 series BLDC motors, efficient and extremely quiet, with a nominal voltage of 24 V and speed of 3,500 rpm, make the DB59 particularly suitable for use in service robotic systems, warehouse logistics and medical pumps.