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Nanotec Stepper motors: Product list

Fast and easy – with a personal touch, now driving to the future, in partnership with All Drives & Controls.

Nanotec GmbH & Co. KG and All Drives & Controls continue to provide our customers with dependable support in the implementation of drive solutions, motors, positioning controls and appropriate solutions for most applications.

As well as the standard hybrid stepper motors with step a resolution of 1.8° or 0.9°, high-torque ST2018 series, a 20 mm NEMA 8 size to the ST11018, a 110 mm NEMA  42 size with 0.036 N.m and 25 N.m holding torque respectivly are available. Also low-cost or Can-stack stepper motors are available for cost-sensitive applications.

All Drives & Controls supply customer-specific versions of Nanotec motors and positioning controls in relatively small numbers. Our engineers are able to develop optimum mechanical and electronic designs or a customised solution on request.

Nanotec regard reliability as an obligation, meeting 98 % of all confirmed delivery dates, and endeavour to keep any delays as short as possible in the remaining 2 %. In many cases, Nanotec are able to meet customer specific delivery dates, an achievment which our customers appreciate.

Reliable In-house production and broad-based warehousing mean we can react flexibly and quickly to customer wishes.

Nanotec is ISO 1401:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified By TÜV, registration certificate 12 100/104 22636 TMS valid until 9th June 2016.

The Compleat range of Nanotec product is available from Alldrives & Controls, the UK franchised full service and stocking representative of Nanotec Germany.

The Nanotec Vision: Fast and easy – but with a personal touch, and now driving to the future in partnership with Alldrives & Controls.

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