The Nanotec Slotless BLDC Motor – A New Design for Brushless Motors

If you’re already a convert to the higher efficiency and power density of brushless motors then no doubt you’ll want to hear about the new release from Nanotec®.


The slotless BLDC motor is a new design for brushless motors. It still boasts the extremely long life span and smooth running that a brushless motor offers however the slotless BLDC motor has a completely different internal structure.

Its stator consists of ring-shaped metal plates and a flat bonded winding on the inside. This construction means that there is no iron core and with no iron losses, therefore the slotless BLDC motor efficiency is significantly increased when compared with a conventional BLDC motor.

In addition, this special design providing low inductance and very rapid current rise allows the motor to maintain high speeds without problems, ideal for high-speed applications.

Uniquely, unlike standard slotted motors, this slotless design creates no cogging torque, resulting in unrivalled smooth operation and control at low speeds.

These factors combined make this motor the perfect choice for drills, grinders and tattooing instruments.

The DS16 slotless BLDC motor comes in three sizes:

S          with a power output of 3.7W at max. 27,000 rpm

M        with a power output of 10W at max. 30,000 rpm

L          with a power output of 25W at max. 29,000 rpm

Depending upon your application the low inductance of slotless motors combined with the PWM of the controller can lead to high current ripple generating additional heat. In this instance motor throttles can be used between the motor and the controller.

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