New Advances for Nanotec® Plug & Drive Product Line

Admirers of Nanotec’s smooth running and precise positioning motor controller range will be pleased to learn of the latest product releases from Nanotec® that work to make automation processes easier and more adaptable.

Launched at the recent SPS IPC Drives Exhibition, Nanotec® announced the following new additions to their leading motor drive solutions:

Nanotec® Plug & Drive Software V0.8.2

New software for the fast setup and programming of Nanotec® motor controllers has now been upgraded and released.  Plug & Drive Studio Version V0.8.2 supports a greater range of fieldbuses including the CAN and Ethernet fieldbus.

Using this software, motor controllers can be accessed from a PC and configured using different operating modes including torque, velocity and position for straightforward control and precision tuning.

The original functions of the Nanotec® Plug & Drive software are still available, including the object directory table, the integrated command line and the NanoJ V2 customer-specific programming, however this new version provides more functionalities for flexibility with oscilloscope readings.

The Nanotec® Plug & Drive software provides the user with an automatically generated oscilloscope configuration that generates the relevant curves for target speed, current and following errors.

Additional features in this new and improved version also include the ability to display several oscilloscope graphs with the ability to distribute different curves to different graphs; allowing graphs to hold common scales or individual scales.

This new updated software for Nanotec® motor controllers can easily be accessed at the Nanotec Website Software section.

Nanotec® New Brushless DC Motor

Designed to supplement the DF45 motors, Nanotec’s new brushless DC motor, the DF32 has been introduced as a great solution for quick and easy installation for applications with confined space.

With its flat, compact form, the DF32 brushless motor consists of:

  • a diameter of 32mm
  • operating voltage of 24V
  • rated power of 7.4W
  • peak torque amounts to 0.076Nm
  • rated speed to 2.760rpm

Like the DF45 motors, the new DF32 brushless motor consists of external rotor motors (8-pin) which have permanent magnets on the rotor bell; this generates the same output as internal rotor motors but with a lower torque ripple due to the rotor’s higher moment of inertia.

With its shorter design, low weight and high power density, these cost-effective DF brushless motors are ideal for use in a wide range of applications and are easily programmed with the Nanotec NanoJ software.

To find out if this new compact but powerful Nanotec® brushless DC motor will suit your automation requirements, you can contact All Drives and Controls for support and quick delivery.

Integration Made Easy with Nanotec® Plug & Drive Product Line

To effortlessly support field-oriented control, Nanotec® holds one of the most comprehensive ranges of brushless DC servo motors with integrated controller and encoder to meet the varying needs of your automation equipment.

With eight stepper motors that include holding torques ranging from 0.5Nm up to 8.8Nm and five brushless DC motors with rated power of between 52W and 534W in sizes from NEMA 17, 23/24 and 34 – you can find the ideal mix of motors.

All Nanotec’s Plug & Drive motors come with a variety of features to make integration simple and logical. The brushless DC motors as well as the stepper motors can be ordered in USB or CANopen versions. The USB version allows the motor to be programmed via the USB, while the CANopen version requires the motor to be controlled via the standardised fieldbus profile CiA 402.

All the Nanotec® Plug & Drive motors come with digital and analogue inputs (as well as digital outputs), with the integrated controllers suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

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The Perfect Robotics Team with ROS and CANopen

In addition to their already practical and efficient Plug & Drive motors, Nanotec® have enhanced their range by teaming ROS (the Linux-based Robot Operating System) with CANopen for a simple and quick-to-assemble modular system for service robotic applications.

This new combination of ROS and CANopen helps to deliver high performance. For example, when applied to the wheel drives of a semi-autonomous service robot, the motors and sensor connected to CANopen Master EM5 controlled the motor in real time. ROS then calculated the target positions of the wheels with help of kinematics and a map, sending the calculations to the EM5 via Ethernet. The master could then control the path of the wheels in real time for precision manoeuvrability.

This new real time operation, previously not available without modifications for Linux, opens up an array of opportunities for service robotics; and with the EM5 integrated touchscreen, users will find control and access to diagnostic data extremely advantageous.

With innovative new releases regularly available from Nanotec®, All Drives and Controls are available to provide expert advice on the best drive solutions for your applications – for orders or queries visit our contacts page or call on 01827 52189.