Lower Price Unitronics UniStream™ – Allowing You to Compete with the Best

Unitronics® has been designing and manufacturing PLCs since 1989.  They have now put over 20 years of development experience from supplying huge global companies* into their latest product – the new UniStream™ 7” panel1.

And the incredible thing about it – it’s at a lower price.  So if you previously thought that having the latest PLC all-in-one technology was out of your budget then think again!

UniStream™ Control Platform: Work less – Do More

UniStream™ incorporates a powerful dual CPU, a smart HMI touch screen panel and a variety of different I/O options (actually up to 2048 I/Os per controller).  So whether your application is large or small scale you can tailor a single programming environment for your precise needs.

Just snap on your chosen modules creating a compact all-in-one controller with less wiring and requiring less space.  The new UniStream™ platform allows you to fully customise your PLC.  The easy hardware configuration process will save you time on system design.  The options for applications are vast as its output USB and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers…the list is endless.

The communication offered with the UniStream™ is one of the most advanced solutions on the market.  It offers options for RS485, CANopen, UniCAN and both serial and Ethernet MODBUS.

The UniLogic software enables users to design professional looking HMI screens and web pages, code ladder, configure hardware and set up communications all within a single programming environment.

The all-in-one UniLogic software is also extremely intuitive.  It allows you to use in-built code structures and an extensive library of graphics and HMI widgets.  You can ‘drag and drop’ elements and build your own library of user-defined function blocks and screens for new projects or to share with others.

This effortless, beautifully designed experience will cut down your programming time by up to 50%.

The new UniStream™ model was designed specifically to improve its price competiveness and provide a superior platform to a wider market.

The friendly team at All Drives and Controls will share their expert knowledge with you in setting up exactly what your business needs now.  Then as new opportunities open up to you and your requirements expand you can simply scale up your output applications.

With this amazing offer available at this new lower cost, can your business afford not to be ahead of the competition?

To place your order or for any specific questions, contact All Drives and Controls2 today.

*Unitronics® global clients include: Coca-Cola, General Motors, Colgate-Palmolive, Mercedes, Intel, and Pirelli. 

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