New Version Nanotec® Motor Controller

Ever seeking improvements to meet the needs of their users in the industrial automation industry, Nanotec® have once again released a new and improved version for their Plug & Drive® family – the Nanotec® N5 Motor Controller for EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP. 

Ensuring that customers can now access a wider range of connectivity for their application requirements, the new N5 Motor Controller features EtherNet/IP interface for those seeking better interoperability and the popular Modbus/TCP fieldbus interface used in many industrial environments.

These new connectivity features, together with the existing CANopen and EtherCAT versions allow the Nanotec® family of motor controllers to be connected to a variety of higher-level control systems.

So now, you can rely on a Nanotec® N5 controller and field-orientated control (FOC) to achieve your required high-level control for both BLDC and stepper motors, for torque, speed and positioning; making the N5 a great option for automation applications within robotics and high volume industries.

Simple Programming for the N5 Controller

Complementing these new features is the new and improved programming software, Nano-J V2 which is available free for quick and convenient set-up.

Using this improved technology, time-critical subroutines can be executed, and transferred directly into the motor controller independently from fieldbus communication; helping reduce overall load on the fieldbus and keeping down required capacity.

The revised technology is therefore able to achieve real-time capability and a higher execution speed for your complex application.

Versions to Suit Every Application

The N5 controller is available in a low current version, designed for operating at 12-75V and a nominal current of 10A, as well as a high current version with an operating voltage from 12-48V, a nominal current of 10A and a peak current of 54A.

With useful features including six digital inputs, two analogue inputs, two digital outputs and an input for a 5V/24V encoder, you can be sure that there is a suitable version to match your needs.

Hall sensors and holding brakes are also available for that added reassurance.

So if you are in need of a motor controller that will ensure high-level control, reliability and the smooth, efficient operation of your automation system, then you can be sure that the Nanotec® N5 Motor Controller is designed to meet your specific requirements.

For more on Nanotec® products and support, visit our Nanotec® page or contact All Drives and Controls for ordering and advice on the right N5 version for your needs.