OEMs Vote for the Award Winning Samba 7 PLC HMI

Here at All Drives and Controls we are honoured to be an authorised and approved UK supplier for Unitronics® products, because it allows us to provide some of the world’s most recognised and advanced hardware for the automation and industrial control industry.

Evidence of this is the recent award for the Samba™ 7 all-in-one PLC HMI developed by Unitronics®. Not only was the Samba™ 7 awarded winner of the Integrated HMI Controllers category, but this is now the sixth year in a row that Unitronics’ products have been honoured by Control Engineers’ Choice awards.

The Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards highlight some of the best new control instrumentation and automation products chosen by the popular industry magazine’s readers and subscribers; this means that the Samba™ 7 was awarded best HMI Controller based not just on technological advancement but on the all important user experience and service to the industry.

So, what is it that makes the Unitronics® Samba™ 7 deserving of such a prestigious award, and is it right for your application?

What Makes the Samba™ 7 a Deserving Award Winner?

The benefits of the Unitronics® Samba™ 7 are far-reaching and versatile. Featuring a stylish integrated seven-inch colour touchscreen HMI and onboard I/O, it holds instant modern appeal with effective, useful features.

The Samba™ 7 plays a strong role in meeting a diverse range of needs for many applications. Being cost effective, the Samba’s all-in-one PLC HMI provides a great option for OEMs on a tight budget without compromising on quality; delivering a competitive advantage with its advanced touchscreen technology in a compact package with simple machine control.

With four models of the Samba™ 7 released by Unitronics® to meet a variety of OEM needs, this affordable HMI panel provides a number of useful features including two new I/O configurations. The first of these new I/O options offer 12 digital inputs which can function as npn / pnp inputs or can be configured to include HSC / Shaft-encoder, analogue or thermocouple inputs, 8 transistor outputs and 2 analogue outputs. The other configuration also provides the same, but with 4 relay ouputs, 4 npn outputs and 2 analogue outputs.

In addition to new I/O configurations, the Samba™ 7 HMI PLC also provides a broad range of features such as:

  • 2 auto-tuned PID loops
  • Time-based RTC control
  • Data logging and recipes
  • Data entry and display
  • Trend graphs
  • Alarm screens
  • Support for 24 user-designed screens
  • 5 MB images per application

The Samba™ 7 units that we supply for you in the UK all come with a USB programming port and we are also able to provide you with a Samba™ 7 PLC with additional serial, Ethernet and CANbus ports.

Will the Unitronics® Samba™ 7 Be Right for Your Needs?

As mentioned earlier, the Samba™ 7 provides exceptional value for money, with advanced features and flat-screen HMI panel all for an affordable price. With its compact size, the Samba 7™ is ideal for small application needs, by eliminating excess wiring and reducing space requirements.

If you’re interested in receiving the best possible PLC HMI controller within a strict budget, then you can’t go wrong with a Samba™ 7 model.

The flat fascia and IP66 / IP65 / NEMA4X rating of the screen device also makes it ideal for industries in food or pharmaceuticals where spray and wipe down requirements apply.

With the Samba™ 7 supporting GPRS / GSM, email, SMS, industrial TCP/IP protocols, MODBUS, DF1 slave, CANopen and J1939, it is bound to cover any of your communication requirements and will be easily adapted to any 3rd party protocol.

Finally, the easy to use software of Unitronics’ VisiLogic™ that is included, provides a comprehensive single environment where ladder development and HMI design can be configured. With a software that provides complete functionality for system integrators, including remote access, data export and program management, the Samba™ 7 will be suitable and effective for automation control needs.

So, if you’re interested in excellent price-performance ratio and superb machine control that meets functionality requirements for System Integrators, then you’ll want to experience the award winning Unitronics® Samba™ 7 for yourself.

To order, or to learn more if the Samba™ 7 PLC HMI will suit your application or automation requirements, call All Drives and Controls on 01543 478 887.