Plug & Drive Studio; New Software for Easy Motor Control

Plug & Drive™ Servo Motors produced by Nanotec® have long been considered a reliable solution for applications requiring high power density and precision positioning.  As an additional improvement for the Plug & Drive family, Nanotec® has now announced a new programming software: the Plug & Drive Studio.

The Plug & Drive studio is designed to provide the user with a simple way to setup and programme Nanotec’s motor controllers, providing seamless and straightforward control from computer to motor.

This useful new software designed to be installed on a computer provides access to the motor controller through field buses including CANopen, Ethernet and Modbus.

Plug & Drive Studio – Setup and Use 

For trouble free setup, controller configurations can be viewed and written using a table within the object directory. Predefined filters already available, display only currently relevant objects. These objects can also be configured if and when required using an integrated command line.


Nanotec® again has considered the needs of their user by including a useful feature of record and playback within the Plug & Drive Studio software. This allows the entire communication to be recorded and played back later so that lengthy command sequences only need to be entered once at setup; saving you plenty of time and hassle from having to repeat long entries.

Using an integrated oscilloscope, readings from any eight objects with a resolution of up to one millisecond can be simultaneously displayed allowing controller parameters to be tuned. An integrated development environment is also available to support controller programming using the NanoJ V2, complete with source text editor, automatic code, a compiler and debugger.

Another valuable feature provided with the Plug & Drive Studio is how all functions can be used simultaneously. During the running of the programme, the user is able to track controller behaviour with use of the object directory and oscilloscope; this means that any application or customer specific functions can be easily and quickly programmed, delivering maximum efficiency and complete motor control.

For more details on how the Plug & Drive Studio software can simplify your motor controller programming activities, contact the UK’s Nanotec® approved supplier All Drives and Controls on 01827 52189 or complete a quick contact form today.