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All Drives and Controls; Your Automation Solution Provider

In an industry governed by precision, efficiency and complete control; automation and system integration requires access to a diverse range of drives and control devices that not only facilitate integration, but provide optimal solutions.

This can provide a challenge for OEMs and system integrators who need to identify certified and reliable distributors that can provide them with the best device solution for their system requirements.

That’s why All Drives and Controls set out to firmly establish their status as automation solution providers by providing the Automation, Drives and Control market with unrivalled access to the latest and most innovative products from a synergy of bespoke suppliers.

As specialised technical distributors, All Drives and Controls meticulously preselected the best choice of suppliers and are trained to identify which of the following manufacturers produce the perfect product for your system challenges:

  • WEG Germany: Intelligence in Motion

Developing and manufacturing their own motors, gear units and electronic units in Germany, WEG produce a range of reliable, AC, DC and geared motors known for their dynamic response within the power range of 40W – 1000W.

  • ENGEL ElektroMotoren GmbH

Known for their permanent-magnet DC motors, Engel develop and produce their DC motor range with an array of useful features, including power ratings from 10W -750W, optional brake, sensor systems, spur and planetary gear units. With output torques of up to 130Nm available, you can be confident of a robust and durable unit.

  • Dayton: Everything Dayton, Conveniently in One Place

This American brand are known for their hard-working motors, but with a history stretching back 75 years, you may find yourself in the position of needing an old, obsolete Dayton motor or blower replaced.

All Drives and Controls have access to a wide range of Dayton products and can help you select just the right motor for your needs.

  • Dayton HVAC: Complete Climate Control Solutions

Continuing the Dayton reputation is a selection of reliable heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products.

From blowers to gauges, All Drives and Controls can supply Dayton HVAC products that will help maximise efficiency and minimise energy costs.

  • Dayton Smart Motor Management Solutions

With Dayton smart motors solutions you can have a reliable replacement motor ready to restore operations quickly if they should go down. With a selection of general-purpose motors, definite-purpose motors and HVAC motors, All Drives and Controls have a choice that can meet your needs.

  • KB Electronics Inc USA

Manufacturing over 200 different models, KB Electronic products cover a wide variety of controls for your system requirements, including variable frequency digital and AC inverters, variable speed DC motors, brushless DC drives, battery DC to DC controls and triac fan controls.

With the selection covering, Universal, PMSM, EC Motors from sub-fractional to 5 horsepower, there’s likely to be a solution for even the most complex of challenges.

  • Kaleja Germany

Since 1988 Kaleja GmbH have used a customer-led approach to develop and manufacture only the most effective, affordable and customisable controls for DC motors, electronic load relays, power supplies and interface technology that All Drives and Controls are happy to provide promptly on request.

  • Magnetic S.R.L Italy

Using on the most advanced technological solutions, Magnetic’s Italian designed and produced electrical motors satisfy the most demanding marketing requests.

With a wide range of sizes and options of DC and AC motors for positioning systems and generic power applications, All Drives and Controls are proud to be able to distribute these quality products.

  • Empire Magnetic USA

When ordinary motors just aren’t meeting expectations, your needs can be met with Empire Magnetic quality motors that are designed for unusual and demanding applications and environments.

Often used in environments such as space, subsea, vacuum, radiation and high temperatures; these custom systems can be modified and ordered to suit your needs by All Drives and Controls specialist distributors.

  • ABB Drives

As the number one supplier for variable speed drives, ABB’s reputation as a world leading and recognised brand allows them to use the latest technologies to deliver drives and an extensive product range that work to optimise processes and reduce downtime.

Together with only the very innovative, reliable and advanced manufacturers, All Drives and Controls can deliver not just a specialist product, but the most optimised solution for your long-term system needs and capabilities.

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