Reduce Cost and Wear with NEW Nanotec Plastic Planetary Gears

With the advancements in resins, polymers and manufacturing capabilities, plastic gear production is taking the automation industry by storm.

Innovative drive solution company, Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, has recently introduced a new effective means of reducing cost, weight, noise and wear that all automation system integrators and mechanical engineers are eager to implement; Nanotec® New Plastic Planetary Gears.

Introducing Nanotec® Plastic Planetary Gears

Ideally suited for a range of automation applications from mobile service robotics to heavier duty applications, Nanotec® Plastic Planetary Gears are now delivering far more efficient transmissions due to their considerably lighter and quieter units compared to metal planetary gears.

Always eager to develop and manufacture the latest solutions for automation assembly and systems, Nanotec® has continually made sure that their gear range delivers excellent output torques, with planetary gears offering the highest torque at a comparable volume and the highest efficiency with a concentric shaft outlet.

Now the plastic planetary gears available to purchase through All Drives and Controls can provide even more benefits for BLDC and stepper motors.

Instant Benefits with Plastic Planetary Gears

With the precision designs required for drive and automation systems, efficiency is key. Design engineers that are utilising plastic planetary gears have seen instant benefits over traditional metal planetary gears with the elimination of metal powder production and smooth motion that minimises wear, improving durability and cutting total costs significantly.

The benefits of introducing Nanotec® Plastic Planetary Gears can’t be underestimated, and with a range of options to suit your application needs, engineers can be confident of increased advantages and much wider design opportunities;

Nanotec® GPLK Gears: With a size of just 42mm, the new GPLK plastic planetary gears make up a compact unit when in combination with Nanotec® BLDC motor DF45, weighing just 300g. This makes the plastic gear a great option for mobile applications with its nominal torque of 5 Nm and super light and compact size. Just think what you could achieve using this lighter GPLK plastic planetary gear compared to the heavier, restrictive metal option.

Nanotec® GPLEP Gears: Suitable for motor sizes of between 42mm and 86mm, these plastic planetary precision gears are equipped with reinforced output bearings that allows them to withstand high radial and axial loads, perfect for small driverless transport systems. This specific precision gear type ensures a straightforward, simple construction without separate drive wheel bearings.

Nanotec® GPLEF Gears: As a plastic flange gear, the Nanotec® GPLEF is a cost effective alternative to cycloidal or shaft gears. Suited to motor sizes between 56 and 86mm, the noise reduction and suppressed vibration aren’t the only benefit, as this lightweight plastic flange gear delivers an efficiency rating of 97%. Produced to comply with EN ISO 9409 to retain precision orientation of end effectors, the GPLEF flange gear can meet your requirements for swivel arms and rotary tables.

Exploit Nanotec® Plastic Planetary Gears for your Automation Design Project

If the use of plastic planetary gears is the solution you’ve been looking for better design flexibility, reduced noise, weight and higher efficiency then the advanced facilities and stronger polymers used by Nanotec® can provide you with the best options.

For support on the best plastic planetary gear for your application and appliance design, contact your Nanotec® trained suppliers at All Drives and Controls.