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Unitronics Snap In I/O and Expansion

Please find below Unitronics Snap In I/O and Expansion

Communication Modules

Enhance your communication capabilities with a variety of these Unitronics COM modules:Profibus,Ethernet,CANbus,Isolated RS232/RS485,and RS232/RS485 Continue reading

Unitronics Snap-in I/O Modules

Unitronics Vision series controllers can be installed with a snap-in I/O module. The Snap-in I/O Module snaps onto the back of the Vision. Unitronics’ range of I/O modules ensures flexible configurations that will fit your system’s precise requirements. Unitronics V200-18-E1B … Continue reading

Unitronics I/O Expansions

Expand your system with a wide variety of Unitronics’ remote or local I/O expansion modules, An I/O expansion adapter allows you to connect various local or remote I/O combinations to Vision series PLCs. The M90/M91PLCs support local modules only. Unitronics … Continue reading

Unitronics Uni Stream I/O

Unitronics UniStream I/O expansion Modules Select the perfect combination of I/O expansion modules and configure them to fit your application. Snap to the HMI panel up to 5 modules on a 10.4” panel, or up to 3 on a 7” … Continue reading