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Classic Jazz Series

Series Overview 

Jazz® Series: Micro PLC with Text-Based HMI
Jazz_J-New2014 (1)Replace that “smart relay” with a real PLC—for the same low price.
The Jazz® series controllers are full-function Programmable Logic Controllers with onboard I/Os and a built-in Operator Panel. The Jazz® series’ are specifically designed to control small machines, and to perform simple-to-medium automation tasks. Compact and economical, they enable you to use a low-budget unit without compromising on features and technology.

The Jazz® offers the flexibility of Ladder programming (24K Ladder code, virtual), on-board I/O configurations (some models with direct temperature inputs), communication options such as GSM/SMS, Remote Access, and MODBUS networking. The HMI application enables you to design up to 60 text screens, using up to 64 HMI variables for the display of time, date, and real-time system data. Programming is as easy as it gets—build Ladder Logic control applications using click-and-drop elements…and create your HMI application in the same simple environment.



Our PLC/HMI integrated devices:

  • Save our customers’ programming time, wiring, and cabinet space.
  • Cut budget by reducing requirements for additional hardware
  • Prevent you from wasting time setting up Panel-PLC communication

Technical Specifications