Three New Launches from Unitronics®

Unitronics® are once again at the forefront, with three new releases – two new versions of software and a brand new product.    Here at All Drives and Controls we think it is important that you benefit from their technological advancements as soon as possible.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice in accelerating your business with these exciting developments.

Faster Communications with New UniLogic®

The fast and flexible UniLogic® all-in-one software, that gives you speedy application development, has now been given some superb features to further boost your applications.

HMI Custom Controls – You are now able to build your own HMI controls with local parameters.  You then have the flexibility to use these anywhere – even between projects.

SQL Connectivity – Easy to use UniLogic® allows you to build SQL queries and execute them via Ladder functions.  It now gives you the convenience of data transfer between your UniStream® Data Tables and remote SQL databases.

HMI Screen to Web Page Conversion – Beautiful ‘drag and drop’ graphics are now available with just the click of a mouse.

These three new features are available in the latest version of UniLogic® v1.18.35. Download it now from Unitronics’ website.

Great News for Jazz® Fans

Classic Jazz® enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that Unitronics have a new player in their Jazz2 assemblage.

Low cost Jazz® products continue to be the perfect choice for simple-to-medium automation tasks.  The units are compact and easy-to-use and are packed with time-saving features and fast performance technology.

The all new JZ20-UA24 has all the same core features that Jazz® fans have come to love but with some specific enhancements.

Benefits of the new JZ20-UA24:


  •             Increased capacity with double the memory size for ladder code and OS
  •             Higher efficiency with more than 30 times faster performance
  •             Ease of use with a built-in mini-USB programming port

Future proofing – with support for external Ethernet port (details to be released shortly).

If you are used to the functional behaviour of the Jazz®2 range you’ll be pleased to know that this remains unchanged, as have the product dimensions and wiring.  So you can move seamlessly to the new, faster, smoother JZ20-UA24.

Although this is a game-changing model in terms of performance, All Drives and Controls can offer the new JZ20-UA24 for the same low price as the JZ10-11-UA24 model.  So the popularity of Jazz® is sure to gain an even greater following.

To complement the new Jazz® release we are also pleased to announce:

New U90 Ladder Version 6.6.24

The new version of U90 Ladder is now available.  U90 Ladder is the all-in-one software for Jazz® controllers.

It is a simple-to-use software environment for your hardware and communications configuration.  With U90 Ladder you can write your own ladder code and create your own HMI applications.

This new version gives you the option to create a download file (*.d90) without having to connect to a PLC.  This download file is used for creating a zipped project via UniDownloader Designer in Unitronics’ UniDownloader software utility (*.udc)

You can learn all about the new features of U90 Ladder 6.6.24 on the Unitronics® website with a link to the download here:

Advice and assistance is on hand from the team at All Drives and Controls.  Feel free to call us with any questions on: 01543 478887 or 01543 271899.  We are more than happy to help.