Timers, HMI Jumps & More Programming – Basic

This webinar explains:

– types and use fo Timers in Vision controllers

– How to ad HMI displays in te project and jump between them

The wabinar takes a little more than one hour and is divided to 5 parts for easy access and learning.

You can download also the VisiLogic project (*.vlp file) which was created during the session!

Downloads Vlp: timers


Questions /Answers

Q: If you change the preset while the timer is running will it affect the timer?
A: Nice Question! No, it will not! In fact when you start the timer, it loads the preset value to current register and then it counts down to zero. If you will change the preset value, it will be loaded on the next start.

Q: If there are multiple screens, let’s say 8, how can you jump from 1 to 7 to 3 to 8? Is scroll though the only way?
A: Under each screen you can define many (!) conditions to jump. So – pressing one “button” – you jump to display 2, with another condition you can jump to annother display… In addition, you can add jump conditions in ladder.

Q: When the operator can change the timer (Keypad Entry) on a HMI. In a new HMI, I have set the display timer “Elapsed Time” does not update the value that the operator changes. Shows the old value. Why?
A: The Current value is updated in the moment the timer starts to run! You will not see updated Preset value in Current mode untill the timer will not start running

Q: I tried using the same MB to jump to a new screen and to simultaneously perform another function (programmed in the ladder). Does not work. This wrong?
A: I don’t know what exactly you did in ladder. In general, when you define MB as “touch”, it starts to operate as “hardware”. If you use it for jump, it operates as positive transition.