Triple Product Launch from Automation Specialists Unitronics®

Unitronics®, an organisation that designs and produces programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for industrial automation once again proves that it listens to the needs of its customers.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit the Unitronics® online support forum, you may notice that the following products are not only answers to specific needs that customers have identified, but Unitronics® new releases now go beyond meeting those needs by providing further benefits and a pretty impressive record of customer satisfaction.

Included in this triple launch on 7 October 2015 are the new and improved, Unitronics® Enhanced Vision700™, an updated 3G Modem and European standard approved M-Bus to Modbus Gateway. 

As anticipation for the release of these products grows, All Drives and Controls briefly considers some of the key benefits and advantages of the new releases.

The Unitronics® Enhanced Vision700™

Unitronics 700

This new all-in-one programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) provides the advantages found in the Enhanced Vision line as standard; namely a single environment for communication and data-logging that reduces the need for multiple programming, wiring, space and hardware.

Once again Unitronics® have worked to meet global customer demand by producing the Vision700™ using a widescreen 7” integrated touchscreen format for a user-friendly and modern appearance.

In addition to this new appealing look, the Vision700™ now has the ability to communicate with 8 separate devices using an incorporated Ethernet port that supports 8 sockets.

With its additional features the Vision700™ is sure to gain popularity as a preferred PLC HMI within the Enhanced Vision™ range.

For more details regarding the advantages of the new Vision700™ visit our product page1.

The New Unitronics® 3G Modem 

Unitronics 3G Modem

For complete confidence in the smooth operating of your automation system, it is reassuring to know that you can be alerted to issues at any time and anywhere you may be.

This is the useful feature of the new 3G modem that can be installed to communicate with a Unitronics® SMS-enabled PLC HMI device in areas with limited internet access, or even at sites with no internet telephone line connection.

Replacing the previous dated modem technology, the Unitronics® new 3G modem uses current radio waves and wireless technology to reach an extended mobile network coverage.

This advantage now means a quicker, more reliable method of sending error messages and alerts direct to the mobile phone of a designated system controller who can even respond directly to the PLC HMI device with a specific command, enabling rapid shutdown if required.

Further details of this helpful communication method and 3G modem is available here2.

The Approved Unitronics® M-Bus to Modbus Gateway

Unitronics MBus

The introduction of the Unitronics® M-Bus to Modbus Gateway connection will be of interest to many system integrators working within the energy industry.

The new M-Bus connection is now the European standard (EN 13757-2 for the physical and link layer and EN 13757-3 for the application layer) for reading gas, electricity and heat meters.

The specific design of the M-Bus provides superior data transmission from a wide range of device connections to a single point of data collection. Designed with a galvanised interface, the M-Bus, or ‘Meter-Bus’ is better able to transfer energy data to a standard that previous connections could not.

This practical addition to the Unitronics® accessories range is completely compatible with Unitronics® PLC machines and instruments, providing a cost effective solution for precision data readings, quicker data transmission speeds and reassuring fail-safe characteristics.

For more details of the reliability of the M-Bus to Modbus Gateway, view our product page3.

As a trusted distributor for Unitronics®, All Drives and Controls are pleased to be able to offer these new and improved products from 7 October 2015.

To benefit from All Drives and Controls solution-based advice for your system and rapid delivery times, simply visit our contact page4 or call us on 01543 271899.

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