UniLogic Updates and KNX Gateway Interface

Unitronics® New Releases: UniLogic Updates and KNX Gateway Interface

With automation and new building management requirements advancing quickly, Unitronics® is staying one-step ahead of the game with new technology and updates to meet every automation application need.

New Version of UniLogic™ 1.17.58

UniStream enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that their favourite application development software, UniLogic™ has been updated to a new version with more useful and practical features including:

  • A powerful new security feature

The new UniLogic™ version now includes ‘User Access Control’ (UAC). This security feature allows the programmer to create multi-level, password-only access. This ensures that PLC users can only access the controls authorised for their role and any unauthorised entry to the HMI application or UniApps is prevented; tampering or accidental changes to programmes, code or commands is eliminated for complete peace of mind.

  • New I/O temperature module

Configuration within the new UniLogic™ version now includes the ‘slim’ I/O series new member: UIS-4PTKN temperature module which includes 4 RTD inputs, meeting varied temperature related application needs.

  • KNX Communication Support

To support PLC operators using the KNX network communications protocol, Unitronics® have included a KNX Configurator within the new UniLogic™ software. This helpful feature is located under the new Tools tab on the UniLogic ribbon for complete building management system integration.

  • FIFO Web Trend

If your preferred choice of displaying data is first in first out, then the new FIFO element will be valuable to your user requirements. Now UniLogic™ enables users to display a trend as Standard or FIFO. Using History Mode, it is possible to page back to previous files or use the slider to navigate back and forth in a particular file.

  • New MODBUS features

Extra additional options are now available for MODBUS connections including MODBUS Master Ethernet support for ‘Slave ID’; delay time for between messages can now be defined separately; working mode can be configured per master and duplicate slaves now allows the addition of slaves quickly.

  • Time Saving Measure Length

The high speed module UID-0808THS can now be used alongside a pre-configured scenario in the new UniLogic version to support PLC operators to easily measure the length of items on a moving conveyor belt.

To benefit from the new UniLogic 1.17.58, download the version from the Unitronics Website or contact All Drives and Controls for Unitronic® Software Training.

New Unitronics® Products Launch 

Keeping up to date with new advancements for automation, Unitronics® have released two new supporting products for UniStream users:

  • New Uni-I/O™ Temperature Module: UIS-04PTKN

As a brand new temperate module for the UniStream system, the UIS-04PTKN can simply be snapped on to the back of a UniStream or installed on a standard DIN Rail with a local expansion adapter. The new module facilitates the monitoring of temperatures using 4 inputs of either PT100 or PT1000 temperature sensors for high accuracy with precision applications.

Due to a new update, the I/O temperature module is now compatible with UniLogic™ software for easy integration and usability.

To order or enquire for the price of a new Uni-I/O™ Temperature

Module contact All Drives and Controls quoting reference UIS-04PTKN.

  • New Building Automation System KNX Gateway Interface: GW-KNX1

As the demand for building management systems (BMS) increases, many are turning to the KNX gateway for high-performance, low-cost automation. As a flexible and reliable network communications protocol for intelligent buildings (residential and commercial) KNX gateway is making automation with lighting, security systems, renewable energy systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning a stress-free management process.

To support users of the KNX gateway to benefit from low cost, user friendly PLCs, Unitronics® has expanded its product line to include a new Modbus communication to KNX; the GW-KNX1.

The GW-KNX1 converts Modbus communications to KNX systems, allowing the user to easily connect to their preferred UniStream or Vision PLC. Software that supports the UniStream PLC (UniLogic™) and Vision PLCs (VisiLogic™) have also been updated by Unitronics® to incorporate a KNX configuration tool.

Now HVAC installers and Architects have access to low cost programming and straightforward connections to develop bespoke BMS requirements.

To gain the benefits of the KNX gateway incorporated with Unitronics® user friendly all-in-one PLC + HMI, contact All Drives and Controls for more details and fast delivery.

For further support and advice on any of the new Unitronics® releases, contact your friendly automation system experts at All Drives and Controls: 01543 271899.

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