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Unitronics UniStream 10.4 + CPU

UniStream 10.4HMI, CPU and I/Os, All-In-One! Enjoy a modular expandable controller with the new UniStream™ 10.

This 10.4” UniStream 10 controller is at the top of its class with two powerful CPUs, excellent HMI touch panel and a variety of I/Os. The UniStream 10 allows users to customize their all-in-one controller by snapping in a CPU to a HMI and adding I/O. The UniStream 10 now gives OEMs and systems integrators a competitive edge in efforts to cut costs, save space and significantly lower programming time.

UniStream 10 provides programmers and customers one of the best user experiences in the market today. The intuitive UniLogic™ studio software cuts programming time by 50%, by anticipating programmer’s intentions and enabling the re-use of written code. Programmers build a library of user defined function blocks and HMI screens that can be imported to new projects or shared. The software’s wizards save significant time on definitions of I/O points, PIDs etc. The drag and drop, automatic line creation and re-use options of existing code make programming quick and easy.

Another benefit of UniStream 10 is the new UniApps™ feature. UniApps™ are an expanding library of value added PLC embedded apps. UniApps can reach your data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, and debug your system and more. As required in today’s world, UniStream 10 can be accessed remotely via PC, tablets and SmartPhones, using VNC.

UniStream 10 supports RS485, CANopen, UniCAN, MODBUS (serial and Ethernet), and can also adapt to third-party protocols; USB and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers etc.  the Unistream has an onboard speaker and standard audio jack to play MP3 files.

As always, Unitronics provides all software and technical support for FREE.


  • 10.4” Color Touchscreen, 800×600 (SVGA), 65K Colors
  • NEMA4X/IP66/IP65  (When panel mounted)
  • Fully Flat Fascia
  • Multi-layer elements, animated gifs, embedded speakers
  • Built-in trends, PID, data tables, data sampling, drag & drop interface
  • UniApps™: Reach data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, debug, etc.
  • Re-usable, user-defined function blocks
  • CPU: Supports up to 2048 I/O; local & remote
  • I/O: Digital, Analog
  • RS485, CANopen, UniCAN, both serial and Ethernet MODBUS.
  • Remote Access: From PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.


UniStream 10.4” + CPU – Specifications


• High performance – 400MHz, 32 Bit processor
• Battery back up
• Auto-tune PID, up to 48 independent loops
• Data logging and Trends
• Recipe programs and data-logging via Data Tables
• Multi Master/Multi Slave support


  • 10.4″ high resolution 800×600 (SVGA) TFT color touch LCD display
  • High performance – 800MHz, 32 Bit processor with Graphic accelerator
  • Micro SD card
  • USB Flash Drive – application up/downloading and system upgrades.
  • Password system – protect the application and the access to the PLC
  • Image Library
    • A large free library of high resolution images
    • Support hundreds user screens and images per application, including gifs
  • Audio
    • Play MP3 files using internal or external speaker
  • UniApps™ – a new concept
    • Troubleshoot via the HMI panel no PC needed
    • Run value added activities in parallel to the application.


  • Ports
    • CANbus, RS485 (RS232 through Uni-I/O™ module)
    • USB: 1 Device and 2 Host ports
    • 2 Ethernet ports.
  • Protocols:
    • MODBUS, CANopen
    • Message Composer – support other 3rd party protocols
  • Messaging:
    •  e-mail
    • SMS
  • SMS messaging
  • Remote Access – access your PLC from anywhere at anytime (via VNC)
  • MODBUS and CANopen protocol support

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