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Unitronics Enhanced Vision V700

Introducing the Unitronics Vision700™ with Profibus Slave

Unitronics 700

If the above headline just caught your eye, then you must be part of an industry that knows the importance of a quality programmable logic controller (PLC) and are aware of how Unitronics® products can make life as an OEM system integrator that little bit easier.

The Unitronics Vision™ Enhanced family includes a complete range of combination PLC and HMI devices that have built a reputation in boosting efficiency due to their all-in-one capabilities and time-saving components.

Unitronics® Vision™ family has the Vision700™.

Boasting all the advantages that come with the Vision™ PLC and HMI series[1], the Vision700™ also provides a single programming environment that is not only convenient and less-labour intensive but includes additional benefits of reducing wiring, space requirements and additional associated costs.

So along with its reputable Vision family traits, the Vision700™ has been enhanced with even more advantages to match the global demand for visually appealing devices that deliver an even stronger performance for the complex needs of today’s OEM.

Machine Connectivity

The Enhanced Vision™ range  that comes supplied with an Ethernet port has always been viewed as useful for gaining access to the programme through various devices and even remotely.

Now, however, the new Vision700™ has been developed to incorporate a built-in onboard Ethernet port that supports 8 sockets, rather than the previous 4 that could be made available with an add-on card.

This useful feature now enables the PLC to communicate with 8 separate devices or networks simultaneously, increasing capabilities and allowing businesses to future-proof their system.

Visual Appeal

The increase in demand for widescreen devices and touchscreen functions are not just limited to the ever changing Smartphone industry; OEM system operators also recognise the value of clear visualisation and wider displays that can present a collection of important data in a single display.

The Unitronics Vision700™ meets this need with its integrated 7” touchscreen (800 x 480) that delivers a modernistic look and supports future applications without compromising on PLC performance.

The new wider dimensions (along with increase memory) easily allows the use of images and clear system layouts on HMI displays; allowing OEMs and machine builders to develop dashboards that clearly convey important information and help increase overall operational efficiency.

Latest Technology Configurations

The Vision700™ has been designed in line with current technology and application requirements.

With its micro-SD card function, the process of backup and data logging is straightforward, much like the configuration of the PLC HMI itself, which can be expanded using Unitronics standard snap-in modules or expansion units that provide complete adaptability for almost every application.

The additional features of the Vision700™ together with its standard enhanced vision capabilities (full technical specifications available here V700-T20BJ_TECH-SPEC_08-15 [2]) is an appealing package at a very fair price.

As trusted distributors of Unitronics® products in the UK, All Drives and Controls will be receiving enquiries and orders for the Vision700™ from 7 October 2015; simply complete a contact form[3] or call 01543 478887.