Unitronics Enhanced Vision1210™ – The all-in-one PLC HMI

If there is one thing All Drives and Controls understand about client needs, it’s that efficiency is essential. If processes aren’t efficient, time is wasted; and when time is wasted, so is money.


That’s why All Drives and Controls recommend the Enhanced Vision1210™ from Unitronics as an all-in-one solution for simplifying industrial control processes using a centralised interface. The results that come from reducing complex processes and hardware requirements will boost efficiency and save valuable time.

Re-released with a sleek flat black design and a 12.1” high resolution colour touchscreen, the V1210™ not only looks the business but the wider screen and TV like appearance makes user operation simple and enjoyable.

One-Stop Industry Solutions

The all-in-one package of the V1210™ includes the PLC and HMI together, saving money on separate purchases. But that’s not all. It also comes with programming software, cables, fixtures and fittings in a handy starter pack.

Unlike other OPLCs, state of the art VisiLogic programming software is provided with the V1210™ for free and can be downloaded from the Unitronics website at any time.

This programming software allows the user to write applications, select pre-produced functions and plan control tasks. However if writing a ladder control application is not your thing, All Drives and Controls are just one call or email away for expert program writing services.

As an added bonus, All Drives and Controls offer a free training day on programming; providing staff with the knowledge to adapt control tasks when required.

Once the programme is up and running, a simple back-up can be carried out using a Micro SD card straight into the controller giving that extra needed reassurance.

Everything but the kitchen sink

When developing the V1210™ leading manufacturer of automation products, Unitronics, used the most valuable tool at their disposal; consumer experience.

This feedback gives the V1210™ its edge in versatility and usability making it suitable for nearly all industry types; such as water, plastics, printing, brewery, textile and life sciences.

Need a little extra than just the controller? Simply snap-in an I/O module to the back of the controller or add expansion modules for up to 1000 I/O options. So even if your requirements include high-speed counters, frequency or temperature measures – these can happily be incorporated.

Showing just how the needs of industries were met, the V1210™ was produced with an ingress protection level of 66. Dust tight and able to withstand even jets of water, the V1210™ makes a great solution for industries with sensitive environments that require equipment to be continually cleaned.

Not to be left out, the packaging industry also benefit with the V1210™ controller offering a rapid response as well as being capable of time-based and immediate interrupts.

With a range of options to accommodate even the most diverse operational needs, the V1210™ proves itself to be an all-in-one practical solution.

Advantages of the Total Engineering Solution 

Many industry organisations find it difficult to maximise production with outdated equipment and the cost of re-programming and upgrading existing systems can be substantial. Combine that with time spent sourcing System Integrators and not only does the budget start to grow, but the headaches also.

Just like the all-in-one solution of the V1210™, All Drives and Controls offer complete support services making the process from purchase to operation, as hassle-free and cost-effective as possible.

As a trusted Unitronics partner and distributor, stock is supplied quickly (including next day) from a centrally located UK business unit.

As Total Engineering Solution Providers, All Drives and Controls are continually on hand to give support. Their highly-trained staff provide advice on appropriate systems for your industry requirements and a comprehensive after-sales service. Free product training for initial orders is available including free seminars and workshops for existing customers.

Backed by a ring of System Integrators and Programmers experienced in a variety of industries, All Drives and Controls services extend to engineering assistance, including installation and set-up.

So with a complete package ready and waiting to maximise your business capabilities – the question is; What are you waiting for?

For further information contact All Drives and Controls or visit the services page here.

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