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Unitronics EXF-RC15 High Speed Remote

RC15 High Speed Remote I/O Module

Is managing multiple motion-control related applications giving you a headache?

Then you won’t want to miss out on Unitronics® newly introduced remote I/O expansion module, the EXF-RC15. This digital high-speed I/O module is designed to make working with stepper motors and motion control applications as efficient and trouble-free as possible.

EXF-RC15 (2)

Designed to work effortlessly with Unitronics® Enhanced Vision Series, the EXF-RC15 enables programmable logic controllers to handle a greater variety of motion-control applications where a mixture of high speed and general purpose inputs and outputs are required.



With the I/O module gaining popularity with system integrators and engineers, the question is; what has made the choice of the EXF-RC15 so popular?


How the EXF-RC15 boosts efficiency

  • Boasting 9 digital inputs, 4 digital transistor outputs and 2 relay outputs, the EXF-RC15 simplifies the process of expanding your system without the nuisance of extensive messy wiring and with minimal space requirements.
  • Three inputs on the module have the option to be set as high speed counters and four outputs have the ability to function as high speed PWM / PTO outputs; all providing ideal solutions for applications dealing with high speed motors such as used within manufacturing plants and the robotics industry.
  • This high speed expansion module operates faster than traditional models, increasing efficiency overall and delivering precision performance for servo systems or stepper motor control.
  • The EXF-RC15 comes ready for set-up using VisiLogic Software that can be configured precisely via a USB port to suit the requirements of the system. To make things even easier, field-tested sample applications are included that can also be adapted for use.
  • Developed by leading automation experts Unitronics®, you can rest assured that the EXF-RC15 will meet high standards of quality and reliability, complemented by an affordable price-tag to meet even the most limited budgets.

Added Extras When Purchasing with All Drives and Controls

Here at All Drives and Controls, we understand how valuable the flexible and practical features of the EXF-RC15 are within the complex industry of motion control.

As a professional system integrator, your consideration in purchasing a reliable I/O module is not only understandable, but worthwhile due to the increased efficiency and reduced costs that will quickly benefit your production line.

With the straightforward connection of the EXF-RC15 to the Vision Controllers built-in CANbus, any disruption to your system will be minimal yet efficiency will be immediately recognisable.

Further to the low cost option of purchasing the EXF-RC15 through All Drives and Controls you will also receive priority distribution of your item from a centrally located business unit and access to free product training for initial orders and comprehensive after-sales support.

So if you are interested in precise motion control to complement your Unitronics Vision PLC + HMI, simply place your order using our email system or call us for expert advice on your system requirements at 01543 271899.

Source: Unitronics® (2015)