Unitronics honored by Frost & Sullivan- Product Line Strategy Leadership Award!

Frost & Sullivan review of the PLC market resulted in selecting Unitronics for the Global Advanced PLC Product Line Strategy Leadership Award!

Frost & Sullivan positively rated:

  • Breadth – Unitronics offers 3 major product series: Samba, Vision, and UniStream lines of All-in-One PLC + HMI controllers. Each series is designed to address a different range of application needs in a range of industry sectors.
  • Technology Leverage – remote access, support for the Internet of Industrial things (IoIT), All-in-One PLC + HMI software. All product lines support a range of Ethernet, CANbus, serial communication protocols, as well as GSM/GPRS modems.
  • Customer Purchase Experience – Unitronics provides a wide choice of advanced PLC solutions to match the needs of end users from different industries who require different features, at a competitive price.
  • Customer service – Frost & Sullivan positively rated Unitronics policy of personalized service from pre-sale consult, to sales support, to post-installation technical support.
  • Brand Equity – proven track record of Unitronics programmable controllers over 25 years resulted in Samba, Vision, and UniStream programmable controllers being voted “Engineer’s Choice, Integrated HMI Controllers”, while UniLogic, the software environment for UniStream, was voted an honorable mention in 2015.