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Unitronics® New 3G Modem

Connection Solutions with Unitronics® New 3G Modem

Unitronics 3G Modem

No internet access on site? No problem.

This is the underlying message from Unitronics® as they announce their new 3G modem kit, the GSM-KIT-17J-3G available from 7 October 2015.

For automation systems that happen to be situated in an area with limited internet access, Unitronics® have provided a faster modem that can be installed and operated through radio waves, negating the need for a fixed telephone line.

This useful feature provides OEM system operators with the reassuring knowledge that communication can now be provided directly to and from the SMS enabled PLC HMI device1 while they are on the move or away from site.

This means that if a PLC is set to detect an issue, it can raise an alarm which can be quickly communicated via the PLC HMI device, direct to the mobile phone of a designated supervisor. This allows issues to be rectified as soon as possible and gives the opportunity for a command response to be sent back to the PLC using SMS message; including the authorisation for a shut-down of the system should it be required.

This process has now been improved with the introduction of Unitronics® new 3G Modem kits featuring a Cinterion EHS6T modem (full technical specification details available here2).

Unitronics® Modem Kit now 3G

Updated from the previous 2G technology, the Unitronics® 3G modem operates using modern communication methods that allow for a quick and efficient response between the SMS enabled PLC and mobile device.

Using 3V or 1.8V SIM cards purchased from an appropriate network provider, a larger coverage can be accessed as the new modem kit is able to communicate across the networks using GSM, GPRS and TCP/IP at a MHz of 850 / 900 / 1800 or 1900.

The 3G modem also comes supplied with related hardware as a complete kit for straightforward and convenient installation, compatible with Unitronics® software.

So if your system benefits from the use of Unitronics® product series3 including UniStream, Vision, Samba, M91 and Jazz but struggles with lack of internet access, then don’t hesitate to contact4 All Drives and Controls who can quickly dispatch your new Unitronics 3G modem and provide you with after sales support and advice to get the best out of your automated system.

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