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Unitronics® New M-Bus to Modbus Gateway

Perfecting Energy Readings with Unitronics® New M-Bus to Modbus Gateway

 Unitronics® M-Bus to Modbus Gateway

As a system integrator you well know the advantages that a bus connection communication gateway provides as the backbone for the network in transferring vital data and connecting several terminals or devices.

With this in mind and to meet the new European standard for reading heat meters, Unitronics® has added to their accessory line a new M-Bus to Modbus Gateway connection.

The M-Bus or ‘Meter Bus’ utilises a galvanic interface for the remote reading of gas, electricity and other heat meters; making it ideal to use alongside Unitronics® PLC modules and systems designed for the energy industry. 

The new M-Bus connection is now the European standard (EN 13757-2 for the physical and link layer and EN 13757-3 for the application layer) and is suitably designed to connect to a large range of devices with fail-safe characteristics and an acceptable data transmission speed for quick and efficient readings.

With years of experience in the field of system automation and as trusted distributors, All Drives and Controls1 recommend the use of the Unitronics® M-Bus to Modbus Gateway connection for systems requiring energy meter readings. This is due to their advantages over standard bus connections that are unable to meet the complexities that come from the sensitive requirements of energy data readings.

The advantages are clear to see;

  • M-Bus to Modbus Gateway connections to Unitronics® PLC devices2 can now transfer the necessary data of energy readings to a standard that previous bus connections could not.
  • With a single cable transferring data, errors are reduced and data is delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Remote reading is now possible, saving costs and time associated with collecting data from individual devices.
  • The presentation of energy consumption/production data can be clearly identified in user-friendly formats within the UniLogic™ and Visilogic™ software, making further processing of information straight-forward.
  • All these benefits are provided at low cost and with a high record of reliability.

For systems that require the reading of heat, gas or electricity, the Unitronics® M-Bus connection provides an ideal solution at minimal cost. However if you’re still unsure if this option can work to meet the needs of your system, simply contact All Drives and Controls for an expert opinion by visiting the contact page3 or calling 01543 478887

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