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Unitronics Samba

Unitronics Samba

Join in the Samba™ Revolution – Now with More Application Options

As a progressive manufacturers, Unitronics® is delivering the competitive edge needed to succeed.  Samba™ range is a cost effective, versatile, all-in-one HMI + PLC with I/O.  It puts your company ahead of the rest with its simplicity of use and easy to read full colour touch-screen display panel, enabling you to read and react to data quickly and make needed adjustments or modifications easily.

About the Samba™ range

The integrated PLC features include 2 auto-tuned PID loops, real time control data logging, recipes and more.  The 16-bit colour HMI screen displays up to 24 user-designed screens as full colour trend graphs or alarm screens of your choosing, and to suit your application.

All Samba™ units come supplied with a programming port and additional ports can be added (RS485, or Ethernet or CANbus). Samba™ supports GPRS/GSM, email and SMS, as well as industrial TCP/IP protocols, MODBUS, DF1 slave, CANopen, J1939 and can also be adapted to any 3rd-party protocol making it infinitely versatile.

The hygienic flat facia makes Samba™ an excellent fit for the food and pharmaceutical industries or any environment where spray or wipe down requirements apply and has an IP66/IP65/NEMA4X rating.

New ways to Samba™

With the advantages of the Samba™ range so obvious; it is great news for all OEMs that Unitronics® has released four new models of Samba™.

These new products offer a different I/O configuration to the existing Samba™ range so now more specific options are available to choose from to suit your application.

TA22 model highlights:

  • 12 Digital Inputs (functioning as npn/pnp or configured to include:
    • 1 HSC/Shaft encoder
    • 2 Analogue/Digital inputs
    • 2 Thermocouple/PT100 inputs)
  • 8 Transistor pnp Outputs (source)
  • 2 Analogue Outputs (12-bit)

The TA22 range is available in three screen size options 3.5”, 4” or 7”.

Another new model, the RA22 has a 7″ screen and a slightly different I/O configuration:

  • 12 Digital Inputs (in total that can be configured as above)
  • 4 Relay Outputs
  • 4 npn Outputs (sink)
  • 2 Analogue Outputs (12-bit)

New VisiLogic Software

Of course Samba™ runs so effectively due to the smooth programming of its supporting software VisiLogic.  Unitronics® have released a new version of VisiLogic, updated for the new Samba models.

The VisiLogic update includes additional features for other users.

  • For Vision700™ users: The V700 can now act as a Profibus slave, joining the V430, V350, and V130.
  • New HMI feature: List of meters.  This enables you to display completely different versions of the same meter by changing an index number.
  • For PC: new versions of Remote Access and Remote Operator have been released that also support List of meters.

All VisiLogic updates are available for download from the Unitronics® web site.

To help you decide which of the Samba™ models is perfect for your growing business, personalised advice is just a phone call away.

All Drives and Controls are an authorised supplier for Unitronics® in the UK.  Whether it’s the new Samba™ SM35-J-TA22, SM43-J-TA22, SM70-J-TA22, or the SM70-J-RA22, it’s not just numbers to them, the experts at All Drives and Controls know their stuff.

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